The Golden Bachelorette Casting Rumors and Predictions

Photo Credit : ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

After the success of The Golden Bachelor Season 1, The Golden Bachelorette is officially in the works. When the newest Bachelor Nation spin-off was announced, viewers began to speculate on who the first lead will be. Lucky for ABC, there are a number of women who would be an excellent choice. Here are all of our predictions on who The Golden Bachelorette may be, as well as who has been rumored to be in the running!

Leslie Fhima

Leslie Fhima was the runner-up on The Golden Bachelor, which makes her an obvious choice for The Golden Bachelorette lead. Throughout the season, Leslie built a strong relationship with Gerry Turner, who clearly adored her. In the end, however, Gerry chose to propose to Theresa Nist. Leslie left the season heartbroken, as she felt too used to not being chosen.

While Leslie’s calling might not have been to marry Gerry, it very well might be leading the first season of The Golden Bachelorette. Leslie has the perfect personality for the role, as she is wise, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. On The Golden Bachelor, Leslie was one of the liveliest ladies in the room. After her heartbreak from Gerry, Leslie really deserves a second chance at finding love.

Faith Martin

Another good choice for The Golden Bachelorette is Faith Martin. Faith was sent home after hometowns week, and finished The Golden Bachelor in third place. This came as a shock, as Gerry and Faith had admitted they loved each other during her hometown date. Faith definitely went into the rose ceremony confident, and it was hard to watch her go home after such a surprising heartbreak. After everything she went through, Faith deserves a second chance!

Like Leslie, Faith is well rounded and would be perfect for The Golden Bachelorette lead. Faith is a nature lover, and enjoys riding horses in her free time. During her hometown with Gerry, she even revealed that she rides her horse to the grocery store on occasion! In addition to being a fan of the outdoors, Faith is a talented singer. Faith sang a song to Gerry on night one, which might’ve helped her to secure his first impression rose!

Other Golden Bachelorette options

In addition to Leslie and Faith, there are several other ladies from The Golden Bachelor who would make amazing Golden Bachelorettes. One of these women would be Sandra Mason, who became an instant fan favorite for her wicked sense of humor. Sandra always offered an interesting perspective on things, and would surely make an entertaining lead.

Another good choice could be Susan Noles, who made it to the top six along with Sandra. Susan was a light in every room she entered, who never failed to bring the positive energy. After her time on The Golden Bachelor, Susan went on to officiate The Golden Wedding. Susan was also a part of the iconic ASKN alliance, which brought a ton of laughs. It would be wonderful to see Susan get another chance at love on The Golden Bachelorette.

The final contender for The Golden Bachelorette is ASKN’s ringleader Kathy Swarts. While Kathy was somewhat of a villain on The Golden Bachelor, she ended her time on the show as a hero. After telling Theresa to zip it, Kathy redeemed herself by zipping up Theresa’s wedding dress in a hilarious moment. Kathy also hosted The Golden Wedding, where her hysterical personality continued to shine through. I would personally love to see Kathy have her own season!

Could an A-lister lead The Golden Bachelorette?

The Golden Bachelorette will most likely be one of the women from The Golden Bachelor, but you can never be too sure when it comes to Bachelor Nation. It has recently been rumored that actress Susan Lucci could potentially be in the running. Susan is 77, and recently lost her spouse of over 50 years. It’s pretty clear that Susan has the qualifications for the role, but does she want it?

Another A-lister who has recently been rumored to be up for the role is Kathie Lee Gifford. During a recent appearance on The Today Show, Kathie hinted that she might be down to be The Golden Bachelorette. While nothing is confirmed, it is possible that any of these women could be chosen as The Golden Bachelorette’s first leading lady!