Is Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Star Shanice Henderson Inconsiderate or Misunderstood?

Shanice Henderson
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

With a new season of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard starting, fans are getting reacquainted with Shanice Henderson. The entire cast is full of fun, bubbly personalities who are looking to have a nice long weekend on the famed island. But as you’d predict, some roomies rub the house the wrong way. The series is elevating Bravo shows a bit since it isn’t all about getting drunk from dawn to dusk. The cast is full of high achievers looking to the enclave for peace during their summer break. 

Shanice’s high energy is undoubtedly hard to ignore. She comes in hot, ready for a good time. Season 2 has shown Shanice losing her job and dealing with the aftermath, which hasn’t been easy. Most of the time Shanice is on my screen, I do get the sense that she is very much a free spirit who wants nothing more than to live a life full of free nipples and shots. Shanice is a great addition to the show because she is messy and likes to party. But at what point does her bubbly personality cross a line? Let’s take a look.  


I’ve always lived by a saying that you have to be your own cheerleader because no one is going to do it for you. However, Shanice is a bit too into herself, and at times, she comes off as self-centered and inconsiderate. Since day one, she has walked around naked and flashes the guys who are dating in the house. She claims to be a girls girl but she definitely likes attention in all the wrong ways. Personally, it would annoy the hell out of me if my boyfriend was in a shared house with a person who just loved to strip off her clothes. 

During the series premiere, Shanice infamously upset her close friend, Bria Fleming, when her boyfriend, Simon Marco, came to visit from Germany. After a rowdy girls’ night out, the ladies of the house came back for a skinny dip in the hot tub, and the boys joined in. While Bria headed back inside for a libation, Shanice asked her boyfriend if he was cool with her taking her clothes off. Naturally, the man wasn’t bothered, but it made Bria feel a certain way. The incident left me feeling like Shanice wasn’t being a good friend. 


I will note that Europeans are extremely open with their sexuality and the naked body. Unlike their American counterparts across the pond who might be less prone to public nudity, the Europeans embrace beaches sans suits and enjoy the naked form. Maybe Shanice knew this, or maybe it slipped Simon’s mind that he should have exited the pool out of respect for his girlfriend. 

During Season 1, Shanice tries to flirt with Alex Tyree, but it doesn’t go well after he is told that she is the crazy ex-girlfriend of the Insecure actor. After Googling Shanice’s past relationship, Alex turned on the cold shoulder. Shanice was left wondering what went wrong after he shut her down. In turn, I felt a bit of empathy for the former Playboy server. Men claiming their ex-girlfriends are crazy is a tale as old as time.

Shanice is a mix of both

Could Shanice’s bigger-than-life personality be a cover for a few insecurities? I think so. She noted on the most recent Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard that she was a catch, emphasizing her body and looks. So she is still stumped while she is a single girl looking for love. According to Shanice, men should be flocking to her. Shanice is in her own world, just twerking in the back while everyone is arguing. 

It is okay for Shanice to be comfortable in her skin. But it isn’t okay for her to force it on her other roommates. A few of the guys have chosen to leave the party when Shanice takes her clothes off, leaving them essentially excluded from the festivities.