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Amanda Batula Responds to Rumors Her Parents ‘Run’ Her Finances

Aside from Carl Radke and Lindsay HubbardSummer House Season 8 has kept us fairly entertained. It’s mainly because of Amanda Batula’s growing frustrations with her husband, Kyle Cooke, and if you’ve been watching, it all makes sense. 

One thing that has always come up when talking about Amanda and Kyle is Amanda’s close relationship with her parents. During a chat with The Daily Dish, Amanda said some people have it confused, especially about her finances. Keep scrolling to check out what she said below. 

Amanda’s parents do not run her bank account … so she says 

Although Amanda is super close with her mom and dad in New Jersey, they do not have control over her finances. “People think that I don’t do my own taxes and that my parents run my bank account — I don’t know where that misconception happened,” Amanda said. “I don’t know how that started. But, I have full access to my bank account. I know exactly how much money I have in it. My parents do not have access to it.”

The reality star then explained that her parents set up a “trust” for her when she was a kid that she “didn’t know” about.

But, as far as her taxes are concerned, Amanda said she does it herself. Well, sort of. “I do just as much as my taxes as Kyle does. Like, an accountant does our taxes.” 

“I’m fully capable,” she said. “I am an adult. People think that I’m just a little child and don’t do anything. I get it DM’ed to me all the time, that I can’t even do my own taxes. And I’m like, ‘Let me see you do your own taxes!’ Everyone’s using, like, TurboTax and H&R Block. Nobody’s doing their own taxes anyway.”

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