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Ciara Miller Wants To Change the ‘Narrative’ About Sex With West Wilson: ‘I’m Not His’

Ciara Miller isn’t here for the conversations about her sex life with West Wilson

During the Summer House Season 8 After Show, Ciara and West discussed the details of their sex life with their co-stars. “I mean, obviously, we’re, like, more than friends at this point,” West said. “But after so long, does it become like, there’s gotta be a reason for it? She told me she’s never dated anyone younger than 35 or something. Not only am I, like, seven years younger than everyone she’s dated, but I also just don’t have a job. It is a little in the back of my head for sure.”

He also said their lack of sex doesn’t shock him. “Everyone is very forward about, like, ‘Ciara is very traditional. You’re gonna have to f*cking work for it. It’ll take a long time,'” he says. “But also, she told me that.” One thing he doesn’t want is to be seen as a thirsty f*ck boy. “… I obviously didn’t want to be the dude who reads like, ‘Please f*ck me,'” he continues. “Like, that’s the last kind of guy you want to be.”

Ciara says her body is not West’s body… and we’re here for it! 

Later, during the After Show, Ciara shared her feelings about the conversation surrounding her love life with West, saying she’s frustrated by everybody’s comments. “I don’t like the narrative of, like, I’m withholding something from him,” she said. 

“That implies that he’s not getting something that’s his. I’m not his. It’s my body. He’s not entitled to my body. He’s not entitled to have sex with me. It’s a f*cking privilege to have sex with me.” And I couldn’t agree more. This seems like such a weird storyline to zero in on. Is Ciara only there for West’s sexual satisfaction? No, she isn’t. So, let’s move on, please.

Ciara also told her co-stars she wasn’t in a “rush” to get busy with West. 

“I kind of like that we’re taking it slow,” she said. “We’ll have sex when I’m ready.”

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