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Paige DeSorbo Hits Back at Danielle Olivera’s ‘Audacity’

In the April 18 episode of Summer House, Danielle Olivera had some shocking opinions about Paige DeSorbo’s relationship with her boyfriend Craig Conover.

After the episode aired, Danielle elaborated on what she meant when she said that Paige is giving Craig “nothing.”

“For example, she would say, ‘I’m looking for a new apartment,'” Danielle explained. “[But] she’ll shoot down looking at places together or having his input. She’s like, ‘It’s my place.’ It just seems like she shoots him down if he wants to be part of something.” It’s called being an independent woman, Danielle. Google it.

Paige claps back

 First of all, Paige wisely considered the source. “If Amanda [Batula] and Ciara [Miller] came up to me and said, ‘Hey, we think you give Craig nothing,’ I’d probably think about it and evaluate it,” the influencer said on the Summer House After Show

But when Danielle made the startling comment, Paige remembered thinking, “Wait, have you met Craig? … Genuinely, in my head, I was like, ‘I don’t know if you’ve ever hung out with Craig more than twice.’ So I’m like, I don’t even know how you would know that.”

Get outta here with your unsolicited opinions about someone else’s relationship, Danielle. Isn’t this behavior what blew up your friendship with Lindsay Hubbard last summer?

Adding that “everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” Paige continued, “I know … how much I’ve done for Craig in terms of his self-esteem, in terms of his health — I mean, I changed his hair, and he looks phenomenal,” she laughed.

“So, I didn’t really take that much offense to … the actual words she said, ’cause I knew she didn’t know what she was talking about. So, I wasn’t even offended by that. I was offended at the audacity.”

Amanda says Danielle’s words were “a little harsh”

Coming to the support of her bestie, Amanda defended Paige against Danielle’s judgment of her and Craig’s relationship. “To tell someone they’re giving nothing,” she said, “it’s a little harsh.”

Regarding Paige’s search for a new apartment, “I think she’s really proud of where she is and what she’s done and what she’s built,” Amanda said. “She doesn’t want to have to depend on Craig’s paycheck or money towards rent.”

Like I said before, Paige is an independent woman. I actually admire that and wish I’d been more like her when I was younger.

Danielle’s not doing so great herself. Her chef boyfriend broke up with her and has already moved on with someone else. She tried to hook up with Below Deck crew member Alex Propson on Winter House, but that didn’t go well. Does that give her the right to criticize others’ relationships? I don’t think so.

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