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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Doesn’t ‘Regret’ Marriage to Kody, ‘Made Me Who I Am Today’

April 21 would have been Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s 34th wedding anniversary. To mark the date, the Sister Wives alum shared how her life has changed since their split.

“So I’ve considered today whether or not I wanted to address this, and I’ve decided I will,” Meri captioned an Instagram photo of herself and her dog Zona. “34 years ago today, I got married. 34 years ago was the start of this family that so many of you have come to love or, well, not so much. Yes, I know full well that we are a very polarizing topic.”

But does Meri regret the time she spent in the Brown family, putting up with Kody’s nonsense and helping to raise 18 children?

“Grateful for the experiences and lessons”

Even though she “never anticipated a divorce was in my future,” she doesn’t regret her relationship with Kody. Everything has brought her to where she is today.

Meri admitted that she often looks “back on the years” and thinks about what she “could have done better.” She always “did the best I could” at the time. Even though there were times when she “didn’t live to my best potential,” she’s grateful for the moments when she “loved as full as my heart could feel it … I look back and am grateful for the experiences and the lessons.”

For a long time, Meri felt like a failure for not being able to make her marriage work. But one day, she thought, “What if I flipped that narrative?”

“What if, instead, I looked at all the lessons I lived and realized that’s what made me who I am today?” she continued. “Not a failure, but a strong woman going after her dreams … a woman realizing dreams that she didn’t know she even had. Not a failure, but a woman building her own table and surrounding it with people who want to share it with her.”

Her wedding anniversary has always been a day “surrounded with a plethora of emotions,” but now she considers it a milestone “that has brought my life full circle.”

“April 21st will never pass without me remembering,” she added. “Not with bitterness, not with anger, not with sadness or even grief. Just remembering my life and all the lessons … Because sometimes, life hands you a gift of [just] knowing you’re on the right track.”

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