Why Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’s Jasmine Ellis Cooper Is the Unsung Hero of Season 2

Photo by Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images

When Season 1 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard premiered, Jasmine Ellis Cooper and her husband, Silas Cooper, were not in the greatest of places. Jasmine was the glue of the summer crew and seemed to be the mother hen as well. The writer was newly married and trying to figure out what it meant to have a traditional marriage while also trying to keep her own freedoms. Sometimes, it felt like Jasmine was being left out of activities just because she wasn’t single. But everything has changed this summer, and I think Jasmine deserves an extra shout-out for her cheerful demeanor.

Silas was deployed during filming

Jasmine’s husband, Silas, was deployed to Liberia as a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve. I give Jasmine so much grace because having a spouse be 1,000 miles away from you isn’t easy for almost a year. As a kindred military wife, I understand just how emotionally draining it can be to develop a single mindset for all those months. Jasmine is the one at home dealing with house issues or family dynamics. She then had to film in Martha’s Vineyard, a place where Silas first took her, which could only stir up emotions. 

I am happy to see Jasmine going out on the town with her roommates instead of pining for her husband alone at night. Deployments can last a few weeks to one year, but life keeps moving forward. Even though Jasmine may be feeling down at times, she is excusing strength through this trying time. 

Jasmine is filming pregnant

I can not imagine being pregnant without my husband near me for moral support. But to be pregnant while your husband is deployed and you’re filming a reality TV show- now that’s superhero stuff. On the most recent episode of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, Jasmine announced to the group via a cute dinner that she was expecting their first child. In my opinion, Jasmine is a rockstar for having to deal with morning sickness, go to ultrasound appointments alone, and suck in her belly to fool the cameras for the first few weeks. 

Jasmine is the voice of reason

So Jasmine won’t be the first to start a fight, but she knows how to end one. I like how Jasmine often takes the time to try to hear the other person’s view. She is usually cool, calm, and collected and has some pretty sound advice. Whenever there is a bit of drama, Jasmine is there to talk her friends down. Honestly, we need more Jasmine’s in the Bravoverse because not everyone can be drama one hundred percent of the time. 

However, like any mortal, she can become annoyed when a certain friend doesn’t consider her feelings. Jasmine shared during the first episode that she wanted her close friend Mariah Torres to come back to visit the house. However, Mariah and Bria Fleming had a physical altercation that left the Playboy waitress unhappy. Bria first agreed to Mariah’s return but quickly changed her mind, leaving Jasmine in tears. Bria has always been a bit of a brat, but Jasmine was the one who gave her the most patience.

Jasmine gives off good friend vibes

Even though Jasmine irked me during Season 1, I now truly believe that she is the only girl in the house I could legitimately be friends with. Looking back, I believe her Betty Crocker act was all down to TV jitters and trying to look good for the camera. Jasmine looks out for her friends, is receptive to the criticism she faced last year, and is trying to make up for that. Meanwhile, Bria is going around the house acting like she is entitled as she practices Cirque Du Soleil’s moves on her therapy dog, Milo. Shanice Henderson is still upset about her stalking narrative from last year. And Summer Thomas can’t make up her mind about her and Alex Tyree’s sex life. After this, Milo needs emotional support from Bria, who is yanking him around everywhere. But Jasmine is taking it all in stride.

Jasmine had it rough last summer, and that carried over into this season, but I got a little teary when the roomies gathered around her after she announced her pregnancy. You can tell that they all love each other. And I think they have Jasmine to thank for bringing them all together. So when it comes to Jasmine, don’t count her out just yet. The Bravo star is more than ready to keep the good times rolling.