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Amir Lancaster Won’t Return to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Without Natalie Cortes

The last episode of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has the fans TIGHT, and I’m right there with them. 

In case you missed it, Amir Lancaster’s girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, stirred up trouble in the house after spreading a rumor that Nick Arrington had been too handsy with some of the women on the cast. By the way, it’s all hearsay because this girl wasn’t there to witness what she was repeating. She’s a visitor who, two episodes before, didn’t want to hang out with the Black women because they just weren’t her vibe. At least, that’s how the cutaway clips of her talking trash under her breath made it seem.

As you can imagine, Natalie’s conversation didn’t go as planned, and when Nick addressed the house, it turned into an explosive argument. When fans watched the moment on television, many were upset with Natalie—a guest—for involving herself in drama that had nothing to do with her. Additionally, the rumors she spread were damaging and disparaging, which could negatively impact Nick and his future endeavors. The consensus among the watchers has been pretty clear: don’t bring Natalie to the house next year. However, Amir said he won’t return without her. 

Amir wants Natalie for Season 3 of SHMV

In an interview on the Positively Uncensored podcast, Amir said the only way he’d have an “enjoyable vacation” is if his girlfriend, who is white, is asked to join the cast. 

He discussed the dynamic of the house leaving Season 2 and said if the show returns for a third year, they wouldn’t be able to continue the way they did before. 

“This vacation, if it’s like a domino effect, and the next domino is going to be bigger than Season 2 was, I don’t think we’ll have an enjoyable vacation,” he said. 

“I don’t think the dynamic of the house is going to be there, to where I’m going to have a good time and my partner is going to have a good time. At the end of the day, I want her to be there with me this time. That’s how I know I’ll have the most fun. It’s fun to party with your friends, but real adult vacations, everyone brings their significant others; no one bats an eye about it, and you have a great time. So, if all of those things line up, absolutely, I would love to be back for a Season 3. If they don’t, then I’ve just got some heavy thinking.” 

Amir said a mouthful; much of which some people won’t find worth listening to. Above everything else, Martha’s Vineyard is a show about Black people living authentically in a shared summer house. If Amir is putting his relationship with his girlfriend ahead of the very essence of the show, they maybe he shouldn’t return for a third season. They could even be a good addition to the OG Summer House alongside the likes of West Wilson and Jesse Solomon.

And fans feel the same way.

Bravo fans are heated with Amir and Natalie 

Of course, X, formerly Twitter, was POPPING with opinions about Natalie and Amir after last Sunday’s episode. And to make things worse, hearing Amir say he wouldn’t come back without Natalie didn’t help. 

“Why the hell would Natalie be a full cast member on a Black show?! Amir won’t be missed,” one user wrote

“If Amir and Natalie are part of the Season 3 package, then we simply do not want or need the package deal. Two cornballs from the same household? Nope,” another user posted. “Also, Natalie is only relevant because she’s the woman Amir settled on once Jordan curved him. Let’s keep it funky.” 

“The show is not about you on vacay with your white Latina GF,” someone added. “It’s About a group of BLACK friends on vacation and navigating life. He can go and & stay gone. Amir has shown that he’s comfortable on the other side. He can stay there!”

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard continues on Sundays at 9/8c.