West Wilson on WWHL with Andy Cohen
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Summer House’s West Wilson Ready for ‘Inevitable’ Big Step With Ciara Miller

West Wilson has shown viewers a different side to him over the last few episodes of Summer House Season 8. If you’re behind, West has gotten close to Ciara Miller this season and revealed his feelings for her weeks ago. The latest episode followed the pair going on another date and discussing their future plans together. West had one trip in particular in mind…

West wants to take Ciara to meet his family in Missouri 

Ciara Miller on WWHL with Andy Cohen
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

After West and Ciara’s horseback riding date, the Bravo newbie said it was a “perfect” day. Because Ciara is such a country girl at heart, West said he should take her to experience his family’s farm in Missouri. 

“You have to come to the farm. It’s kind of inevitable,” he said. “Well, I mean, eventually,” Ciara replied. “I would take you home for Thanksgiving if it was tomorrow,” West said, doubling down on his feelings about his co-star.  

Clearly, Ciara isn’t so keen about jumping to the next stage with West. Her summer fling seemed to catch on, saying, “So, maybe let’s do Halloween in Missouri. [We’ve] obviously done a summer which is just, like, fun giggles, but let’s go somewhere.” 

“I just feel like it depends on what the objective is,” Ciara, who’s told producers throughout the season that she’s not interested in rushing things with West, replied. “I’m the type that, like, I know eventually one day I want to be married with kids, so I date intentionally. Not that I can’t have fun with someone, but I’m definitely not trying to, like, throw in time into a relationship that’s just fun.”

Now that the pressure was on, West told Ciara he wasn’t sure what he wanted in the long term.

“I think the biggest thing for me is I’ve been to this point a few times with relationships in the past few years and kind of stopped moving forward,” he said. “I don’t have a perfect game plan of what essentially happens next.”

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