Janet Caperna
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Why The Valley’s Janet Caperna Didn’t Invite Zack Wickham to Her Babymoon

Janet Caperna couldn’t care less about Zack Wickham’s feelings in the last few episodes of The Valley. The pair have been fighting since Zack discovered he wasn’t invited to Janet’s Babymoon event in Big Bear Lake. They attempted to work out their issues during a heated phone call, which only ended with more hurt feelings and shade thrown. While discussing the moment with his co-stars, Zack thought he wasn’t invited because he was the only single one. However, Janet said it had nothing to do with relationship status. 

Janet clears the air about not inviting Zack to her Babymoon

During her chat on the Gabbing with Gib podcast, Janet cleared the air on why she didn’t invite Zack to her event. 

“Zack insinuated that I didn’t invite him because he was single. That obviously had nothing to do with it,” she said. “Before my birthday last year, we hadn’t spoken in a couple of years. Our friendship was not in a good place at all. There’s a lot of stuff that had happened that I didn’t want to be aligned with or I didn’t agree with. We had taken a long time of not speaking and not being friends.”

She also said the only reason they were co-existing was because they had the same group of friends. “We have a bunch of mutual friends; it became harder to avoid each other,” she said.

“So when Zack was, like, ‘Janet and I are so great. I don’t know why I wasn’t invited’ … Anybody who knows us really well was, like, ‘Why did he say that? That’s so strange.’ We were in a better place than we had been in a really long time … but to go on an overnight trip and be stuck in a house with people for multiple nights? Zack and I’s friendship just wasn’t there.”

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