10 Greatest Survivor Players of All-Time 

Rob Mariano & Sandra Diaz-Twine
Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Season 46 of Survivor will come to an end on Wednesday, May 22. The dramatic finale will air at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. One of the five remaining castaways will win over the jury and take home the coveted 1 million dollar prize. There has been some great gameplay this season and I don’t doubt some of the Season 46 players will earn a spot in the Survivor Hall of Fame after Wednesday’s episode. 

In honor of the upcoming finale, let’s take a look back at some past Survivor Hall of Famers. 

Here are the 10 greatest Survivor players of all-time:

Carolyn Wiger (Season 44)

Carolyn Wiger played a masterful game on Season 44 of Survivor. One that should’ve earned her at least a couple of votes at the Final Tribal Council. In my opinion, she was robbed. She was conniving and strategic but also showed a lot of loyalty to her main alliance. Not to mention she planted some fake idols, which fans always love. 

Rob Cesternino (Season 6, Season 8)

Rob Cesternino was a savvy, smart player but it was never quite enough to win him the game. Although he never took home the million, his impact on the game cannot be ignored. He played like a double agent, siding with whatever alliance offered him the most protection at that time. He is often referred to as “the smartest player to never win.”

Jeremy Collins (Season 29, Season 31, Season 40)

Jeremy Collins is a masterful social player. His likability and charisma helped him escape Tribal Council eliminations, while his athleticism kept him safe during Immunity Challenges. While he displayed an impressive showing on both Survivor: San Juan del Sur, and Survivor: Winners at War, it’s his performance on Survivor: Cambodia that earned him a spot in the Survivor Hall of Fame. The Massachusetts native played a brilliant game and won with a 10-0 vote at the Final Tribal Council. Bravo!

Cirie Fields (Season 12, Season 16, Season 20, Season 34)

Cirie Fields is often referred to as “the best to never win.” Her social prowess and strategic mind make her an excellent player. While she’s never won the game, you can’t deny she is one of the best to ever play. 

Ozzy Lusth (Season 13, Season 16, Season 23, Season 34)

Photo Credit: CBS via Getty Images

Ozzy Lusth was a competition beast on Survivor. In his first season, he won five out of six Individual Immunity Challenges. His challenge wins helped get him to the finale but in the end, he narrowly lost to Yul Kwon. He went on to compete in 3 more seasons where he cemented his legacy in the Survivor Hall of Fame. 

Yul Kwon (Season 13, Season 40)

Yul’s intelligence made him a force on Survivor. He was smart, creative, and boy, can he sell himself to a jury. He took home the grand prize in Season 13 with a 5-4-0 vote, he is also the show’s first Asian-American winner. 

Parvati Shallow (Season 13, Season 16, Season 20, Season 40)

Parvati Shallow yielded her charm like a weapon of mass destruction on Survivor. It helped her get ahead as she was able to manipulate her allies into going along with her plans. Rather than trying to shed her reputation as a “flirt” after Cook Islands, she leaned into it and it worked to her benefit. 

‘Boston’ Rob Mariano (Season 4, Season 8, Season 20, Season 22, Season 40)

The king! I’m sure you expected to see Rob Mariano on this list. The five-time player has earned a villainous reputation due to his aggressive gameplay style. Despite being a villain on the show, he is one of the most beloved players of all-time. Fans just adore him.

Sandra Diaz Twine (Season 7, Season 20, Season 34, Season 40)

Sandra Diaz-Twine is one of only two players to win the game twice. She took home her first win in Season 7 and her second win in Season 20. Winning Survivor twice is no easy feat and she deserves props for her impressive gameplay. 

Tony Vlachos (Season 28, Season 34, Season 40)

Tony Vlachos is the second castaway who managed to win Survivor twice.  He took home his first win in Survivor: Cagayan with an 8 to 1 vote. He won again in Season 40, also known as Winners at War. The New Jersey native’s ferocity for the game has not gone unnoticed by fans. He is often referred to as the best player of all-time.