Memorable Moments When Jeff Probst Got Angry on Survivor

Jeff Probst
Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Jeff Probst is one of the most beloved reality competition hosts. He’s kind, level-headed, and does his best to make the castaways feel comfortable. He handles conflict on the show well but like anyone, he has his moments of losing his cool. 

Here are eight times Jeff got angry on Survivor

When Osten quit (Pearl Islands)

Fans first witnessed Jeff’s disdain for quitters in Season 7 when Osten Taylor became the first contestant to leave the show. The host was not happy with Osten’s decision and questioned his motives for coming on the show in the first place.

“Let me ask you something Osten, have you wondered what the h*ll you’re doing out here?” he asked the discouraged contestant. After he snuffed Osten’s torch, he expressed how he felt about quitters. 

“With all due respect to Osten, people work too damn hard to get in this game and fight to stay alive. If he wants to lay his torch down, so it shall be.”

When Ben got aggressive (Samoa)

In Season 19, Jeff drew a line in the sand after castaway Ben Browning got aggressive in a challenge. Jeff eliminated Ben after he saw him hitting and tripping his fellow castaways. 

“You’re done,” he told Ben in a stern voice. 

When Boston Rob got eliminated (Heroes vs. Villains)

Jeff doesn’t usually show bias, except when fan-favorite Rob Mariano “Boston Rob” is playing the game. Rob was voted out early in the season and Jeff couldn’t help but question the tribe’s decision. 

“If given the choice of Tyson [Apostol] or Boston Rob over say Courtney [Yates], I think 99 out of 100 people would probably pick Tyson or Boston Rob. Courtney, you’ve [sat] out a majority of the challenges…Boston Rob was dominating.” 

The direct Courtney call-out was crazy. I love it when he gets sassy. 

When the castaways tried to make a trade (Blood vs. Water)

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the Hunahpus tribe tried to make a deal with Jeff but he was not having it. The tribe lost their flint, so they proposed trading a bag of beans in exchange for new flint. Jeff pretty much laughed in their faces and mocked the proposal. That is my Scorpio king!

When Colton quit (Blood vs. Water)

Colton Cumbie threw a fit and quit in Blood vs. Water and Jeff was not feeling the crocodile tears. 

“So, Colton, you came back for a second time because you said, ‘I’ve changed, I’ve grown, and I want to show everybody.’ You are now doing the exact opposite,” he told the castaway. “You’re punishing them by costing them a tribe member in a game about numbers.”

“A very selfish move,” he added. 

After lecturing Colton about his selfishness, Jeff put the final nail in the coffin when he told him he should’ve “never gotten off the couch,” implying he was better off watching at home. Shots fired. Feisty Jeff is the best Jeff. 

When Abi-Maria kept sitting out of challenges (Philippines)

In Survivor: Philippines, Jeff let castaway Abi-Maria Gomes know how he felt about her continuously sitting out of challenges. The host made numerous comments about her lack of participation during a challenge. When her tribe ended up winning and she was handed the Immunity Idol, he suggested she give it to someone who actually participated in the challenge. Yikes. 

When Dan got kicked out of the game (Island of the Idols)

Dan Spilo became the first player to be ejected from the game after displaying inappropriate behavior. 

Jeff confronted Dan about his behavior at Tribal Council and things got heated. After Dan complained about Jeff not letting the issue go, he replied, “You’re right. I will never let it go. We’ll be here until day 39.” Jeff was clearly frustrated with the player and let him know the issue was series business. 

When NaOnka & Kelly quit (Nicaragua)

You know by now that Jeff really hates quitters. He’s never reacted kindly to people self-eliminating but perhaps no one got it worse than NaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn in Nicaragua. From laughing at NaOnka for thinking she once had a shot at winning to calling them “quitters,” it was clear he was pissed about their decision. Note to self, don’t go on Survivor if you can’t take the heat.