Summer House: Best Friend Moments Between Jesse Solomon and West Wilson

Jesse Solomon
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Image

We already know that West Wilson is a vibe. But who knew we could become so invested in the friendship of West and Jesse Solomon? The two Summer House rookies walked into the house as strangers but are taking the time to build a friendship brick by brick. After years of the same friend circle, it is refreshing to see the two bond. Most of the fun chats have been between the women of the shared house, but West and Jesse are taking over the narrative now. 

West is the shoulder to cry on

Even though West might have gossiped a little with Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller about Jesse initially, the Missouri native is now Jesse’s number-one fan. During a recent episode, Jesse opened up about his five-year cancer check that was fast approaching. While he hasn’t been outspoken with the rest of the house, he couldn’t keep his feelings in after a night of partying in the Hamptons. During a candid moment, Jesse shared, “I’m just scared. It’s super real.” Luckily, West was by his side as they sat in the car and cried together. 

West did everything he could to comfort his friend during his time of need. And even though West didn’t say much, his presence was more than enough. Later that night, West checked on Jesse in his bedroom where they had another moment. Turned away from the cameras, West tried to cheer up his new friend and made sure to let him know he wasn’t alone through this journey. Jesse then revealed in his confessional, “Typically, it’s not in my nature to be vulnerable. I’m trying not to let it get me down, but obviously, it’s all I can think about.” And West seemed to understand. 

Jesse in limbo

Fans have been engrossed in Jesse’s cancer journey, and no one has been by his side more than West. The latest episode showed West anxiously awaiting his friend’s health update. When the call came in, it wasn’t the news they were expecting, but West did his best to stay positive for Jesse, clearly sending healing vibes through the phone. 

Jesse is a two-time testicular cancer survivor, so his five-year check-up is a very big milestone. Jesse revealed to West that “The doctor felt something, and I felt something separate, and both things were abnormal. We had to wait like two hours for the ultrasound. I’ll get the results soon enough, but hopefully, it’s fine. 50/50 shot.” Even though Jesse is facing the unknown, West makes sure to put on a brave face for his new best friend. 

It’s always been you

In a pretty cute Instagram post, West and Jesse embraced their bromance even more. While miming a voice-over, West can be seen asking, “If you had to walk into a room of everyone you ever met, who would you look for first?” The camera then cuts to Jesse, who is stylish in a brown polo, as he answers, “You.” The camera pans back to West, who jokes, “Me!?” The scene finishes with Jesse answering, “One hundred percent you.” For the best duo on reality TV right now, this little scene was too adorable not to share.  West and Jesse’s bond is the friendship that fans didn’t know they needed. 

L O V E love

In another quaint social video, Jesse and West are seen at the Hamptons pool having a fun day in the sun. As Michael Buble’s Love played, the two pranksters spelled out each letter of “love” as they jumped into the pool. In the background, Gabby Prescod could be heard cheering the boys on, and honestly, it was a pretty sweet moment. The montage came out perfect and was another notch in their friendship belt.

The season is far from over, which means there will be even more chances to see the bromance blossom. West and Jesse both seem like very genuine people so I imagine this is a friendship that will last the test of time.