Sidemen Inside Reality Show: All About the $1 Million YouTube Series

The Sidemen, who have their Inside reality show as a new series on YouTube
Photo Credit: Joe Maher via Getty Images

If you are anything like me, then you have a teenager lurking around nearby, and you’ve likely heard all about Sidemen. You’ve probably also heard about Inside, their latest endeavor online. If you have not, then allow me to properly introduce you all at this time. To start, Sidemen is a British YouTube group, consisting of seven online personalities.

These members are known online as KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S. Each week, the stars of Sidemen crank out videos across five separate YouTube channels. These videos consist of either a challenge, a sketch, or a mash-up of video game commentaries. With over 138 million subscribers in all, it’s pretty clear that the Sidemen are living their best lives online.

As for their most recent endeavor, they have just launched their first reality television series, titled Inside. Obviously, we here at Reality Tea stan this move. After a watch, I can best describe this series as a marriage of Mr. Beast and The Real World. The only difference is that zero filters are added in during the editing process.

Cue Oprah, announcing that, “You get hear a f*ck, and you get hear a f*ck, and you get hear a f*ck.” All heard sans my own blurred out vowels, of course. Sorry. I’m a good girl, crazy about Elvis keeping my job.

Basically though, Inside is a fun, wild ride. Also, the massive prize pot of $1 million at the end has me clutching my faux pearls, wishing that I too were a contestant on this series. You need to call me on my cell phone. Late night when you need my love presence, Sidemen.

Curious? Here are all of the details on Inside, the Sidemen’s first reality competition series.

The cast of Inside

The cast of Sidemen reality show Inside
Photo Credit: Sidemen via YouTube
  • Manrika Khaira — The Circle
  • Olivia Bentley — Made in Chelsea
  • Leah Halton – Australian model and YouTuber
  • Chloe Burrows – Love Island
  • Fanum – Online streamer
  • Specs Gonzalez – Musical artist and digital creator
  • Castillo – Rapper
  • Nife – TikTok dancer
  • Angry Ginge – Content creator
  • Joe Weller – Content creator

What is Sidemen reality show Inside all about?

Inside is wild. To start, the Sidemen’s chosen influencers are locked inside of the same house together for an entire week. Inside (hence the title), these contestants must compete against each other in a variety of daily tasks, and some of these tasks have me now regretting my casting call ask.

Right off the bat, these social media stars have to rate each other. My self-esteem could never. Several beats later, they enter into a room with a u-shaped desk. Here, they all sit down, and place their hands in a designated spot.

Sounds easy enough, right? Nope. Because rats, spiders and snakes arrive next, hissing and crawling and creeping, oh my hell no. A tattoo artist also joins in on the mess, which would’ve had me immediately lifting my hands up in defeat, because needles are not my friend.

The contestants who live to see another day go on to endure additional challenges, such as having their faces whacked with tortillas, and also a game of dodgeball, but with table tennis vibes. With each challenge failed, their prize pot decreases. That said, so does the number of contestants that are allowed to stay “Inside,” continuing to battle it out for the bucks.

As for what this prize is, well, when these influencers first arrived, their prize pot was worth $1 million. However, this amount decreases once the gameplay begins, as the contestants are also allowed to treat themselves at random along the way. For example, they can purchase hot water for a shower, but it’ll cost them $100 per minute. Or, if someone’s fancying a soda, a single bottle will set their eventual winnings back another $500.

I love little treats culture. But also, you can likely image the type of drama that a dwindling dollar sign creates.

How to watch Sidemen reality series Inside

If you have an internet connection and any sort of device nearby, then you can easily watch this new reality competition series. Every day, episodes of Inside are dropping over on the Sidemen’s MoreSidemen channel. If you’re into watching the extended cuts, which include even more drama and debauchery, then you can also head on over to Side+. Here, the tea is always hot and ready, and the best part is that you can consume it at your own leisure.