Paige DeSorbo defends West Wilson after reunion.
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Paige DeSorbo Defends West Wilson Amid Backlash: ‘Not Like a Sandoval’

Nobody was happy with the way West Wilson treated Ciara Miller on Summer House Season 8, most of all her BFF Paige DeSorbo. But she’s taking solace in the fact that there are worse men to be had on Bravo.

“He knows what he did wrong,” Paige said. “He fumbled the bag. It’s not like, ‘Oh my god, I’m never going to talk to you.’”

Even though they had a bit of a summer flirtation, Paige believes they “didn’t fully date.” She’s hoping “they’ll have room to maybe be friends” sometime in the future. Calling West a “great addition” the the Summer House cast, she added, “He’s not, like, a [Tom] Sandoval.”

Short but sweet

In comparison to what went down during Scandoval, West and Ciara’s situationship during the summer of 2023 was relatively innocent. Outside of the Hamptons house, Ciara and West dated a bit and had a few sleepovers. Additionally, the nurse/model met West’s family, visited his brother in Chicago, and was his date to a wedding in the fall of 2023 before splitting in December.

Summer House viewers were not happy to see Ciara’s heartache on display in Part 1 of the reunion. “I told you all f*cking summer how intentional I am,” Ciara said, accusing West of playing games. “You got everything you wanted out of me, and I got the bare minimum.”

Paige, however, had her bestie’s back. The social influencer alleged that as soon as “the cameras went down,” West “didn’t need” Ciara, and that’s when he ended the relationship.

In his defense, West admitted that he was new to navigating all the fame and attention from the show’s mostly female fans. At the same time, he was trying to figure out his feelings for Ciara.

Looking back at the reunion, Paige feels she said what she needed to say and “defended my friend.” She stands by her interrogation of West and hopes they can all move forward as friends.

“I’m very biased when [it comes] to my friends,” Paige continued. “I’m like they’re an angel, they’re the best. Also, I have eyes. I see Ciara. That was a genuine question [when I asked], ‘But what are you looking for if it’s not her?’”

Instant popularity

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Even though Paige thinks West fumbled the play, she understands that he had no idea how popular he’d become after joining the cast. “Not that I want to give [him] a pass,” she said, “but I don’t think West was expecting how many people really do watch Bravo. All of a sudden, the girls were everywhere.”

Overall, West was a breath of fresh air on the show. She wasn’t going to hold a grudge and “not film with him … or not be his friend anymore.”

For his part, West thought his newfound recognition excused his inability to commit to Ciara. “I blamed a lot of external factors for my unreadiness to date,” West admitted, while attributing his “disastrous” chat with Ciara to nerves at his first reunion. “The more I think about it, the more I think her feelings … were valid.”

Here’s hoping that Ciara eventually gets the man she deserves. Or more importantly, the man who deserves her. And please let us be able to watch it on TV.

All episodes of Summer House are now streaming on Peacock.