Most Unforgettable Survivor Jury Speeches

Jeff Probst
Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor jury speeches can make or break a season. Fans want to see some bloodshed before a castaway is rewarded with the coveted million-dollar prize. Over the last 46 seasons, there have been some unforgettable jury speeches. Some jurors use their final time to compliment their fellow castaways on making it to the end, others use it to get in one last dig.

Here are the most unforgettable jury speeches in Survivor history:

Corinne Kaplan – Gabon

Corinne Kaplan delivered one of the most savage jury speeches of all time in Survivor: Gabon. The California native left the game with sour feelings towards finalist Jessica “Sugar” Kiper and she let that be known during her final statement. She ripped her fellow castaway to shreds, bringing up everything from her employment status to her late father.

“Sugar, you are an unemployed, uneducated, leech on society,” she began. “The only thing I would vote to give you is a handful of antidepressants so that no one else has to be subjected to your constant crying anymore. Maybe if you got some, then it would seem a little more sincere when you are crying about your dead father. You don’t deserve the million.”

Corinne’s speech received mixed reviews from fans. While some fans saw the speech as “iconic,” others criticized her for going too far.

“Look it’s iconic, but an awful thing to say,” one fan wrote in a Reddit thread dedicated to the topic.

“It was too far [in my opinion]. I’m disappointed that they let that speech air,” another Reddit user replied.

In a March 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Corinne spoke directly to fans who have asked her to apologize for her behavior on the show.

“I still get DMs almost every day from people who hate me and demand I apologize. And so, I would like to address them in the following statement: I regret nothing,” she told the outlet.

Reed Kelly – San Juan del Sur

In the finale of Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Reed Kelly compared Missy Payne to an “evil stepmother” in his legendary jury speech.

“You cast yourself as the motherly figure. However, fans of classic literary fiction will see through very quickly to who your true character was, which is the wicked stepmother, really, of the tribe,” he said. “It’s the eccentric woman who comes in and makes demands of everyone.”

He delivered his speech with a smile while his fellow castaways looked at him in shock. It was a great TV moment.

Spencer Bledsoe – Cagayan

Spencer Bledsoe shared some harsh words about Yung “Woo” Hwang’s gameplay in his final statement. The Student criticized Woo’s loyalty to Tony Vlachos and questioned why he chose to take Tony to the end over Goat Kassandra McQuillen.

“Woo, when I look at your game, I can’t help but make this comparison between your strategic play and the behavior of a dog,” he said. “I mean, Tony was like your master. When he said sit, you sat. When he said the word, you went and played fetch.”

Ouch. Spencer’s speech was savage but if we’re being honest, it was iconic.

Whitney Duncan – South Pacific

Whitney Duncan used her final moment to let the finalists know how she feels about them personally. She labeled Albert Destrade sleazy, accused Coach Wade of using Christianity as a manipulation tactic, and called Sophie Clarke “the most condescending person” she’s ever met. Bravo! This was a perfect speech.

Dan Lembo – Nicaragua

Dan Lembo went in on Matthew “Sash” Lenahan in his final speech and it was unforgettable. He hurled many insults at Sash and called him out for breaking promises.

“I think you’re a liar. I think you’re a phony. You said things to me, and you never lived up to them. I think you’re spineless, I hate that smile. I think if I was you, I [would] go to the doctor tomorrow and get that eye fixed, so you stop doing the wink.”

He didn’t stop there. After telling off Sash, he moved on to Chase Rice. He criticized the castaway for being paranoid and a backstabber. Epic.