Amber Portwood breaks silence on boyfriend's disappearance.
Photo Credit: MTV's Teen Mom via YouTube

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Reacts to Fiancé Gary Wayt’s Disappearance

Amber Portwood has been on MTV since she was a teenager. She began on 16 and Pregnant in 2009, later moving to Teen Mom. She’s now 34 and has had a pretty tumultuous 18 years.

Amber dealt with dysfunctional romantic relationships, mental health and addiction issues, and legal trouble resulting in a jail stint. She has two children, but custody of neither. Most of her volatile romantic relationships played out on screen.

Unfortunately, there’s drama now surrounding her new fiancé, Gary Wayt. They were engaged earlier this month, but Gary was reported missing on Sunday, June 9. Amber just broke her silence to express her worry.

Amber on her missing fiancé: “We are very scared right now”

Amber sat down for an interview about the situation with YouTube personality Elle Bee yesterday.

Amber began, “This is a huge deal, his parents, everybody is very worried. I am worried. Rumors swirled that the two might’ve had a blowout fight before he disappeared. She says that didn’t happen. “There was not a big blowout fight or anything like that, OK. He is a missing person right now.”

Amber said they were staying in the mountains of North Carolina when he disappeared. He left without his phone and was later seen alone at a Walgreens. He took his keys and wallet, but Gary’s car doesn’t have GPS. Consequently, this makes the search tougher. “We are in the mountains. He has never driven in the mountains. We are very scared right now.”

She continued, “Nobody’s found or heard from him yet. I’m trying my best to not think the worst. I have not ate [sic] in three days. I slept maybe an hour.” She again denied fighting before he left.

“I am not what people have been saying about me all of these years. I changed a long time ago, OK, you have to understand this.” Amber allegedly attacked her second child’s father, Andrew Glennon, with a machete. She was also once charged with domestic violence after hitting her first child’s father, Gary Shirley, on camera.

“We haven’t had explosive fights. We’re very in love, this man asked me to be with him. This man then asked me to marry him.” Additionally, “I have not touched this man in any horrible way. He does not touch me in any horrible way. We do not yell at each other. Please understand this, people change.”

Then Amber admitted that the two did have an “emotional” conversation before he left. It somehow related to Gary’s “parents being Vietnamese.” Oh dear.

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