Nia Sanchez shares advice for postpartum moms.
Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images

Nia Sanchez’s Advice for Moms Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Nia Sanchez of The Valley understands how difficult it can be for new moms. As a mom who has suffered from postpartum depression herself, Nia has shared her experience and advice in the hopes of helping other moms suffering from the baby blues.

Postpartum depression, or PPD, is not always something women feel comfortable talking about. Many worry about admitting their suffering. This is why moms like Nia opening up about their experiences is so important. It’s a great way to remind mothers they are not alone and should ask for help.

Nia spoke with US Weekly at her twin daughters’ recent princess-themed first birthday party. She shared how her husband Daniel Booko’s support helped her overcome the blues after the birth of Isabelle and Zariah Rose.

“It was really a hard season for the first four to five months of their life,” Nia shared. “I had a lot of ups and downs emotionally, but I definitely like I’m in such a better place. I still hit a few big emotional waves once in a while. But it’s not consistent like the baby blues.”

Nia encouraged new moms not to be ashamed of their feelings and to reach out to their community for help.

“The biggest piece of advice I can share is don’t keep things inside,” Nia said. “Talk to someone, share with your partner and support system. And seek professional help.”

Find glimmers of joy

She also reminded mothers to seek out pockets of happiness whenever possible. She referred to these small, happy moments as “glimmers” that she said were critical in helping navigate depression.

“Be sure to do small things to help you feel better in a little way,” Nia added. “Like going outside, getting some fresh air, whatever brings you joy. Even though you are having a bad day, don’t sit in the sadness. Take a moment to hold on to that glimmer.”

She explained that those glimmers of happiness will add up and eventually usher moms out the other side.

As for her, Nia finds so many joyous moments raising her beautiful baby girls. “They’re both so happy,” she admitted. “And we’re so grateful.”

The Valley fans watched Nia and Daniel parent their girls and Asher throughout the show’s first season and will see more when the reality show returns for season two.