Zac Efron predicts his brother Dylan will win The Traitors.
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The Traitors Season 3: Zac Efron Predicts His Brother Dylan Will Win

Alan Cumming has a wild bunch on his hands for Season 3 of Peacock’s wildly successful series, The Traitors. Among them are some top-tier talent, including iconic Real Housewives and A-List siblings, like Zac Efron’s brother, Dylan. Although we won’t know who won the series and the $250,000 grand prize until next year likely, Zac said he has high hopes.

Will Dylan Efron win Season 3 of The Traitors?

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While chatting with OK Magazine about Season 3 of the murder mystery series, Zac revealed he’s in good spirits about his brother playing the game.

“I think he’s going to win,” he said. “He’s really good at games, and I just have a good feeling about it.”

The Baywatch actor continued, praising his brother for his skill at different games, like Yatzi.

“He is just the best at games,” he explained. “Growing up, he was a first roll Yatzi kind of dude. If I was him, I would move to Vegas and just play games. He’s that good, so I got high hopes for him.”

And if you were holding onto hope that Zac would make a Season 3 cameo, you’d better keep dreaming.

“I don’t know nothing about that,” he joked.

What can we expect for Season 3 of The Traitors?

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Since Season 2 of the series, which featured the legendary Phaedra Parks, Peacock wanted to ensure Season 3 was even better.

In addition to Dylan, the cast includes some of reality TV’s best, like Tom Sandoval, Robyn Dixon, Danielle Reyes, and Boston “Rob” Mariano.

It’s unclear what tricks production has up their sleeves. However, we’ve seen cast members return, and we’ve heard rumors that some murdered Faithful could have a chance at a second life.

Of course, it’s all a conspiracy until we see the season for ourselves.

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