The GOAT Finale Recap: Who Won the $200,000 Grand Prize?

The GOAT Season 1 has a winner.
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It’s been one hell of a journey on Prime Video’s The GOAT. From broken hearts to melted goats, this group of reality stars brought energy, shade, and drama to this new competition series. After weeks of rolling around in the mud (literally) and strategic gameplay, fun in the GOAT Manor has come to an end. There’s a winner of the GOAT, but before you learn who it is… read about everything in between. Here’s all that went down on The GOAT Episode 10.

Season 1’s Reality Remix Relay Race

Episode 10 of The GOAT challenge.
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By this point, we’d typically be talking about which contestant won this episode’s GOAT challenge. However, things are changing this week. The remaining contestants (Jill, Joe, Jason, and Paola) were put through the tests of all tests: Season 1’s Reality Remix Relay Race.

The challenge was a compilation of previous competitions throughout the season. Whoever won this challenge would have immense power. The loser, on the other hand, would be exiled from GOAT Manor immediately.

After Daniel Tosh explained the rules, they were off to the races. Paola took an early lead in the competition, while Jason and Joe were stuck on leg three—the Real Housewives-inspired mini-table flip. Jill was struggling from the beginning, but she caught up to the others during the spelling bee portion of the challenge.

After spelling his co-stars’ names correctly, Joe took the lead and moved quickly through the next leg. Eventually, the remaining players caught up with him, and it was tense as hell.

Joe ended up coming in first, Paola was second, and Jason was third, which means Jill was booted from the place on the spot. But we can’t stay down too long. The show MUST go on. As Joe said, “Winning is all that matters right now.”

Can the final three win over their enemies?

Jill Zarin on Season 1 of The GOAT.
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Any unscripted TV fan knows that in competition reality, there’s always a chance the ones you’ve wronged could come back to bite. We’ve seen it on Big Brother, The Challenge, and now, The GOAT.

Tosh gathered the final three and told them that before a player could be crowned the greatest of all time, they had to face the music. Afterward, the camera cut to the axed players, like Reza, Teck, and Da’Vonne, strutting down the driveway with glares before claiming a spot inside of the house.

Jason, Paola, and Joe had 60 minutes to speak with the banished players, answering their questions and explaining why they should get that person’s vote.

Joe’s strategy was to convince people that he played a perfect social game. “It just depends on how much people respect the game and how much sh*t people take personal,” he said. “We’re con-men, trying to con our way to people the GOAT. I didn’t like any bit of it, but it’s the game, and I played a better game than every person sitting on the bench right now.”

Jason said his strategy was to be himself “all the way through.” He wanted to speak to everyone eliminated, but he hoped to touch the ones who could’ve felt the least connected to him. “The way I played the game [is] all about twisting words and changing the approach of how you go about talking to people,” he said.

Paola, on the other hand, spoke from her heart. She said she wasn’t going to talk negatively about her other cast members, but she did tell the truth. She hoped to convince the others that she had made the BIGGEST move in the house… eliminating Da’Vonne. But the one person she didn’t talk to was Day herself. Well, she tried, but Tosh put an end to it as the player’s 60 minutes expired.

So, who will be named the greatest reality star of all time? We’re about to find out.

Who won The GOAT Season 1?

Paola Mayfield wins Season 1 of The GOAT.
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Paola Mayfield is the winner of The GOAT Season 1.

You know the drill here. Tosh is about to reveal who received the most votes and who would win the title of greatest reality star of all time. But before we could get there, things blew up between Tayshia and Joe. Since they’re both from The Bachelor, Tayshia felt Joe should’ve had more loyalty to her. “It’s a game,” Joe said. “I played the best game I could play, and that’s why I’m here.”

Jill and Jason also bickered after the baker said the Bravo star pushed him to eliminate Da’vonne. “Let’s say for the sake of argument that was true,” she said. “You’re saying I was the mastermind, so maybe I should’ve been sitting there.”

After a little while, Tosh moved on to the votes.

It was tense, as you could imagine, and the final moments came down to this…

Paola – 10 votes

Joe – 1 vote

Jason – 0 votes.

“I am so surprised,” Pao said. “This means everything to me.”

Joe told producers that he was happy for Pao, but he played a much better game before they broke the fourth wall and cut the cameras.

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