Did Below Deck Med’s Bri Muller Break Girl Code?

Did Below Deck Med's Bri Muller break girl code?
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I’ll never understand why any woman decides to fight over a man. But here we are, dissecting the most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. Elena Dubaich has been pretty strong in her opinions, whether it be about the hierarchy of the boat, how long it takes to dress for a fashion show, or her claim on deckhand. When fans met Bri Muller, she came across as timid. The third stew even asked for her roommate to help her learn how to flirt. So, while Elena is trying to act like Bri broke girl code, I don’t think that is what happened. 

 Bri Muller’s night out

Nothing good ever happens when you mix over-exhausted yachties with alcohol. During the crew night out both Bri and Elena were doing their best to catch Joe Bradley’s eye. Bri started dancing with him, and then Elena swooped in. It was very much a game of tag, and everyone was getting a piece. However, Bri grew more confident as the night started to wind down. While Ellie took a step back, telling the cameras, “I don’t want to do something I’ll regret. He needs to take me out for dinner and treat me like a lady.”

From an outsider’s perspective, Joe also seemed to have eyes for Bri. I wasn’t worried about Ellie; she’d bounce back. Before leaving the bar, Joe asked a pretty sensitive question “Nathan, would you suck his d*ck? Yes or no.” Bri casually replied, “I’d take yours.” Naturally, the duo ended up alone in the hot tub. There was some heavy petting, and Bri took off her top. All of this occurred while Ellie was fast asleep in her bunk, dreaming of Joe’s eyebrows. Again, I didn’t think much about the hookup. 

The next day

Literally, all hell broke loose as Ellie woke up to the news that she had not been the first to kiss Joe. What annoyed me the most was how Ellie felt entitled to Joe because she was the second stew. First, we aren’t twelve ladies; you can’t just put dibs on another human being. Also, Ellie, you failed to make any move on Joe, so the man was confused. Ellie’s extreme anger seemed unwarranted, especially since the two stews weren’t even friends. They had just met a few days prior. 

It is important to note that Bri went to Ellie immediately the next morning to clue in her second stew. But Ellie jumped the gun and assumed Bri and Joe had had sex, which they didn’t. In a rash of outbursts, Ellie noted, “You give zero f*cks about me. It’s like breaking girl code over a random f*cking guy. That’s what I’m upset about.” The notion seemed a bit hypocritical since Ellie would have happily pursued Joe without a care. She was upset she wasn’t a man’s first choice. 

Does Ellie have mean-girl tendencies with Bri Muller?

I keep asking myself what loyalty Bri would have to Ellie. The day only got worse for the third stew as Ellie continued to treat her coworker shamelessly. The Slovenia native made sure to assert her dominance every chance she got and picked on everything Bri did. The bullying was so bad that Bri chose to sleep on Joe’s floor. While I will admit that wasn’t the smartest move on Bri’s part, I also understand wanting to feel comfortable.

Perhaps the worst thing is that Bri apologized numerous times, but Ellie seemed more than happy to continue the bickering. Ellie can be upset, but she doesn’t have a valid case of Bri breaking girl code. Here are the facts: Joe played both sides and showed interest in both of them. Bri and Ellie are not friends. And Bri didn’t sneak behind Ellie’s back to make out. As a leader, Ellie should have been more mature. Also, Joe isn’t even that great of a catch! The man knows what he is doing, and is he not so secretly loving every minute of this catfight? 

Also, let’s be honest: the chances of either Bri or Ellie finding their husband on this yacht are pretty slim. Both the stews need to move past this hiccup and just enjoy the time they have left because we all know Joe will. 

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