Bachelor in Paradise to return in 2025.
Photo Credit: Stewart Cook/ABC via Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise Will Return in 2025, After Cancelation Rumors

ABC has come to its senses. Bachelor execs have decided to reinstate my favorite show of the entire franchise, Bachelor in Paradise.

Usually premiering in late summer, BIP invites previously unsuccessful Bachelor Nation contestants to a resort on Banderas Bay in Mexico. After host Jesse Palmer welcomes them to Paradise, they mingle on the beach, hoping nature will take its course by pairing up these otherwise strangers.

Having had varying rates of success in recent years, ABC decided to give it a break this year. Though the show has resulted in several marriages over the years, 2023 was a bust. Not even one couple left the show together at the end of the season. Perhaps that’s the fault of casting the wrong people, not the format of the show. But earlier today, ABC announced on Instagram that BIP will return to the small screen in 2025.

It’s baaaaack!

ABC must have gotten some negative feedback on its decision not to air the show in 2024. I know I’m not the only one who enjoys watching multiple couples fight over roses and go on dates with different people every week.

As new contestants arrive, they can cause trouble between already-established couples. Also, there’s a fair amount of manipulation involved in getting a rose each week. Even more so than on The Bachelor, sometimes you wonder if contestants really like the person whose rose they’re wooing or if they just don’t want to go home yet. There’s always the chance that someone even more interesting will arrive the next week, and contestants frequently decide to switch partners.

Whether or not anybody falls in love, the drama of watching multiple people fight over roses is certainly popcorn-worthy. Hopefully, resident bartender Wells Adams will be back to serve up romantic advice alongside his margaritas at the bar.

I’m looking forward to hearing that awful song again, “Almost Paradise…” And now you’re gonna be humming that for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently streaming on Hulu.