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Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Even though NeNe Leakes thinks she is is the queen on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s barely been a part of this season. For the most part, she’s had thirty seconds of screentime per episode, if she even appears at all. The most screentime she’s had this season is during the cast trip in Toronto, Canada.

She’s been begging to get back in the Housewives’ good graces to save her job, I mean “regain her sisterhood.” She started by sending some cheese and cracker platters to Cynthia Bailey via lapdog Marlo Hampton. Along with the trays, was a super sweet card, that NeNe probably did not write herself. Somehow, the exact words from that card made it onto the blog Love B. Scott. Who leaked the note? Was it NeNe, Cynthia, Marlo, a member of production? Will we ever know. Of course, NeNe blamed the leak on Kenya Moore. Now, Kenya is clapping back and insisting that NeNe is the one who has a longtime relationship with the blogger who posted the card.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Last night the Real Housewives Of Atlanta continued their trip to Canada to celebrate Carnival. Maybe soon we’ll actually get to see this famous Carnival?!

Tanya Sam is full of surprise guests (and other unwelcome surprises) on this trip to Canada, isn’t she? First Nene Leakes crashes the rooftop happy hour for a 24-hour wham, bam, no-thank you, ma’am drama causing. Then Tanya hides Dennis McKinley in her suitcase so he can re-propose to Porsha Williams against their counselor’s advice.

Nene Leakes arrives in Toronto Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Last night the Real Housewives Of Atlanta headed to Toronto, Canada to celebrate Carnival, and a surprise guest had them all wishing they had just stayed home!

Tanya Sam is a Toronto native who grew up experiencing Carnival and just wants to share it with her friends. Right away, you know this trip is going to be a disaster because instead of inviting her friends, Tanya is bringing the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Also, she invited Nene Leakes, who rudely didn’t RSVP, and instead literally showed up, hours after the other ladies had arrived.

Good thing Marlo Hampton considers NeNe her sissy, because Marlo’s passport was stolen at the airport and she’s trapped in Canada. The rest of the women can at least bail on MeMe!

Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta RHOA

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, the ladies head to Toronto for Carnival. I had no idea Toronto was known for Carnival, but I’m here for any Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip. Especially since NeNe Leakes has barely been a part of this season. She has to go on the cast trip, right? I’m sure she will drop in with some dramatic “surprise” entrance.

I just want to see NeNe come face to face with Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams, and Cynthia Bailey. And by that, I mean, I can’t wait to see NeNe come face to face with Kenya. The previews for the episode look heated. I also want to get to the bottom of snakegate. Apparently, Marlo Hampton did not record Cynthia talking trash about NeNe. Clearly, the snake in question in Yovanna “That Bitch” Momplaisir. She’s the only other person who’s been hanging with both NeNe and Cynthia.

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

On last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta the tables turned on relationships everywhere and Cynthia Bailey‘s thirst was finally quenched!

Mike Hill is in town, and when Mike is in town Cynthia is anything but #CHill, ironically. Trying to prepare us for greatness and a truly epic moment, the editors provide a black and white montage (like the dark ages before TV was truly fiction) of Mike preparing to propose. Including asking Cynthia’s mom and sister for permission. Unlike last time when they were – wisely! – hiding the marriage license hours before the ceremony, this time they are overjoyed!

Things turn technicolor when Mike brings Noelle, along with his own two daughters, to the jewelry store to pick up the ring.

Robyn Dixon Juan Dixon Engagement

We all saw that video circulating on Instagram this past weekend, but now Robyn Dixon has officially confirmed that she and Juan Dixon are engaged, again. Real Housewives of Potomac viewers recall that they were pulling a Dolores and Frank Catania during Season 1: living together as exes. However, the Catanias were not sleeping in the same bed.

Slowly, their relationship shifted from just being co-parents to something more romantic. Before RHOP got started, Juan and Robyn divorced following infidelity on his part. However, the RHOP viewers didn’t see any of that. Instead, we’ve been rooting for Juan and Robyn to slowly inch their way back to husband and wife. I care a lot more about this than Robyn’s house flipping storyline.

Kenya Moore Names The Bravolebrity She Has A Crush On

There was so much good content to come out of BravoCon, but I can’t help wondering about what we didn’t get to see. What was going down behind the scenes, behind closed doors, and after hours? Even a month after the inaugural event, there are new stories and bits of information trickling out. And I hope the tidbits just keep on coming.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live After Show episode, Kenya Moore and Andy Cohen dished on the weekend.

NeNe Leakes Rants About “Being In 1 Scene Per Episode” On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Says Eva Marcille Is Cynthia Bailey’s Lapdog

NeNe Leakes is ready to do some damage control after a rough season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many viewers thought she made Gregg Leakes’ cancer diagnosis about herself (i.e. she thinks he got cancer as “karma for cheating” on her) and that she went way too far kicking Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss out of her closet. A fresh start was definitely needed for Season 12. However, she wasn’t even in the first two episodes.

So far, we’ve seen NeNe meeting with her life coach, waxing poetic about how she wants to have a “sisterhood” in her life again. However, I wonder if she’s just realized she needs to have some friendships in order to keep her peach. NeNe was at Marlo Hampton’s wig party, but she peaced out as soon as Kenya Moore took over with her marching band. Other than that, it’s been one NeNe scene per episode with twelve scenes about NeNe. And, yes, NeNe has a problem with this, of course.