Brooke Hyland

Also Known As: Brooke Marie Hyland • Born: 1/30/1998

Brooke Marie Hyland, born on January 30, 1998, in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, is a dancer, singer, and reality TV star. Rising to fame on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” she captivated audiences with her exceptional talent and presence. Starting dance at age two with the Abby Lee Dance Company, she quickly became a standout. Despite challenges and a strained relationship with her mentor, Brooke’s talent shone through memorable performances like “Garden of Eden.” After leaving “Dance Moms,” Brooke pursued academics, graduating from Franklin Regional High School in 2016 and earning degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems from Ohio University in 2019. She now excels in influencer relations, showcasing her versatility. Beyond her career, Brooke values her family and enjoys traveling, often sharing her adventures with her fans. Her journey, marked by resilience and talent, inspires fans worldwide.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Musical Talent

Beyond her reality TV stardom, Brooke Hyland is also a talented singer. She released her only album, “Brooke Hyland,” which showcases her vocal abilities and passion for music.

Pursuit of Education

Brooke’s dedication extends beyond the dance floor and music studio. She pursued higher education, studying business at Ohio University, demonstrating her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Resilience and Triumph

Brooke’s resilience and determination shine through despite challenges such as injuries and personal conflicts in her entertainment industry journey, highlighting her strength and tenacity in pursuing her dreams.

Height: 5′ 3″ (160 cm)

Nationality: American

Show(s): Dance Moms

Network(s): Lifetime

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Children: N/A

Father: Randy Hyland

Mother: Kelly Hyland

Siblings: Paige Hyland, Josh Hyland

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