Byron Velvick

Also Known As: Byron Paul Velvick • Born: 06/24/1964

Byron Velvick, born June 24, 1964, in Downey, California, charmed audiences as the sixth Bachelor on “The Bachelor.” His genuine approach to love left a lasting impression. Beyond reality TV, Byron is a celebrated professional angler, boasting two WON Bass U.S. Open championships. His passion for fishing highlights his adventurous spirit. As a fishing commentator and analyst, Byron contributes to the sports world, earning respect in the fishing community. His dynamic journey from reality TV romance to angling success showcases his diverse and accomplished identity.

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Angling Champion

Byron Velvick is not just a reality TV personality; he is an accomplished professional angler. With two WON Bass U.S. Open championships, his passion for fishing has left a mark on the competitive angling scene.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Byron’s love for the outdoors extends beyond the fishing tournament. His adventurous spirit is evident in his dedication to nature, making him a well-rounded personality with a passion for exploration.

Sports Commentary

Byron has transitioned from angling success to sports commentary, becoming a respected figure in the fishing community. His expertise and love for the sport shine through as he shares his insights with enthusiasts worldwide.

Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)

Nationality: American

Show(s): The Bachelor

Network(s): ABC

Guest Appearances: None

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Children: None

Father: Paul Velvick

Mother: Velma Velvick

Siblings: None

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