Dylan Hodge

Also Known As: Dylan Hodge • Born: 11/06/2000

Dylan Hodge, a charming Miami native, proudly embraces the title of “Mama’s Boy” with a smile on TLC’s Love & Translation. At 23, Dylan’s journey is one of love and cultural exploration, captivating viewers with his warmth and optimism. Born on November 6th, 2000, in Pullman, Washington, Dylan cherishes his family deeply, especially his bond with his mother, Christine Jones, and his father, Scott Hodge. Professionally, Dylan excels as a College Connect Sales Academy member at Lumen Technologies, showcasing his sales acumen. A graduate of Pullman High School, Dylan pursued his passion for business management at Florida International University. In his free time, he immerses himself in Miami’s vibrant culture, embodying a zest for life and new experiences.

Photo Credit: TLC

Cultural Enthusiasm

Dylan’s passion for “experiencing culture” extends beyond his appearance on Love & Translation. He actively seeks opportunities to immerse himself in diverse traditions and customs.

Family Bonds

As a self-proclaimed “Mama’s Boy,” Dylan cherishes his close-knit relationship with his family. He frequently shares heartwarming moments with his brother and parents on social media.

Professional Versatility

From his role as a College Connect Sales Academy member to his previous sales and community assistance positions, Dylan’s professional journey reflects his adaptability and determination to excel in various fields.

Height: 5’10”(177cm)

Nationality: American

Show(s): Love & Translation

Network(s): TLC GO

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Children: N/A

Father: Scott Hodge

Mother: Christine Jones

Siblings: Teagan

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