Elena Dubaich

Also Known As: Elena Dubaich • Born: 07/05/1996

Elena Dubaich, a seasoned yacht crew member with a zest for adventure, has become a familiar face in the world of reality television, particularly on Bravo’s hit series “Below Deck Mediterranean.” Born on 1996 July 5, in Škofja Loka, Slovenia, Elena’s journey into the yachting industry stemmed from her massage therapist and yoga instructor background. With eight years of experience navigating the high seas, Elena’s introduction to the limelight came in Season 7 of “Below Deck Mediterranean” when she stepped in to assist the interior crew during a crucial charter. Despite her brief appearance, Elena left a lasting impression on viewers and crew members alike, showcasing her professionalism and adaptability. Now, returning for a full charter season in Season 9, Elena finds herself at the center of a love triangle, adding an intriguing dynamic to the show.

Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Yachting Enthusiast

Elena Dubaich’s journey into the world of yachting began as a massage therapist. Her skills took her aboard luxury yachts around the globe. Her love for travel and adventure led her to become a yacht crew member.

Fitness Fanatic

Beyond her career on the high seas, Elena is passionate about maintaining her physical health. She is dedicated to fitness activities such as weightlifting and yoga.

Retire & Return

Despite briefly retiring from yachting in May 2023 to pursue other endeavors, Elena found herself drawn back to the captivating world of Below Deck Mediterranean for Season 9

Height: N/A

Nationality: Slovenian

Show(s): Below Deck Mediterranean

Network(s): Bravo

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Children: N/A

Father: N/A

Mother: N/A

Siblings: N/A

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