Jess Olson

Also Known As: Jess Olson • Born: MM/DD/YYYY

Jess Olsen hails from the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, where she’s making waves in the world of fitness as a bikini competitor. With a passion for health and wellness, Jess has garnered a dedicated following on Instagram, where she shares her journey to fitness excellence under the handle @missfit_jesslynn_ifbbpro. Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Jess discovered her love for fitness at an early age, fueling her ambition to compete in bikini competitions. Through hard work and dedication, she has become a respected figure in the fitness community, inspiring others to pursue their health and fitness goals with determination and perseverance. Despite her busy schedule, Jess remains committed to her fitness regimen, balancing rigorous training sessions with a healthy lifestyle.

Photo by: Alberto Rodriguez/Peacock via Getty Images

Fun Fact #1

Beyond her hometown of Dallas, Jess Olsen’s true arena lies on the stage of bikini competitions. She dedicates her time and effort to sculpting her physique and showcasing her strength and dedication on the competitive stage.

Media Savvy

In today’s digital age, Jess Olsen connects with her fans and followers through the power of social media. Through her Instagram account, she shares glimpses of her fitness journey, inspiring others to pursue their own health and wellness goals.

Dedicated Athlete

Jess Olsen exemplifies dedication and commitment in her pursuit of fitness excellence. Whether she’s hitting the gym or fine-tuning her nutrition, she approaches her training regimen with unwavering determination, setting an example for aspiring athletes everywhere.

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Nationality: American

Show(s): Couple to Throuple

Network(s): Peacock

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