AGT: Fantasy League



Release date:

January 01, 2024

Number of seasons:



120 min


  • NBC

Judges will be drafting their ultimate lineup from America’s choice of acts from across the global “got talent” franchise and they will be competing with the contestants, mentoring and guiding the performances in the hope of winning.


Comedy Icon Howie Mandel’s comedic talents extend beyond the screen. He’s known for his signature stunt of inflating a latex glove over his head, a trick that became synonymous with his stand-up comedy act. Game Guru Mandel has become a staple in the game show world, hosting popular programs like “Deal or No Deal” and […]
Diverse Talent Mel B isn’t just a singer and television personality; she’s also an actress who has appeared in movies and TV shows like “The Seat Filler” and “Burn It,” showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry. Reality Star Mel B’s reality TV appearances extend beyond talent shows. She has participated in shows like “The […]
Artistic Talents Before his football career, Crews honed his artistic skills as a courtroom sketch artist, even receiving an art scholarship. Despite transitioning to football, his passion for art never waned, as he supplemented his income with portrait commissions. Comedic Versatility While Crews is renowned for his comedic roles, he defies stereotypes by infusing depth […]

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