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Kelly is done with Michael

After two seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County talking about how her daughter’s life could be better if she got a divorce, Kelly Dodd is now officially single.

Kelly and Michael Dodd’s divorce has been processed and finalized. Now I just can’t wait for a whole season of single Kelly Dodd and single Shannon Beador going out on the town and turning up. This is exactly what the show needs.

Shannon & David limo ride

Just like other reality TV divorces that came before theirs, Shannon Beador and David Beador’s split is not going as smoothly as either one of them would have hoped.

Between the “rumors” and the court documents, there is just so much information circulating about the divorce proceedings and child custody circumstances between the two of them.

Exclusive – Survivor’s Stephanie Johnson: ‘I Feel Like Ghost Island Let Me Down’

Stephanie Johnson was doomed from the moment that I picked her to win the game after the premiere episode of Survivor: Ghost Island. She may have come across as more than just a bit eccentric in her pre-season interviews, but once on the beach, she looked to be one of the most dangerous players this season. Of course, it takes more than a good strategy and social skills in the game of Survivor. Stephanie didn’t have much luck out there, and on this week’s episode her luck finally ran out.

If you missed any of the action, you can catch up with our Episode 5 Recap, as well as checking out the Podcast below.


Brittany Cartwright Insists That Jax Taylor Really Did Have A Job Opportunity In Tampa

Even though Jax Taylor’s Tampa job offer provided plenty of drama for an alcohol-fueled argument during the Vanderpump Rules trip in Mexico, I just didn’t take it seriously. There’s just no way that Jax would take a job opportunity that requires him to move to another state and jeopardizes his spot on the show.

Nevertheless, I didn’t actually question if he really got a job offer. I just didn’t think he would ever take it. Even though I had more faith in Jax than most human beings on the planet, there are actually plenty of people who didn’t believe that Jax was actually offered a position to do social media for a hockey team in Tampa, Florida.

Luann de Lesseps Is Giving Away VIP Tickets To Her Cabaret Show To Fans Who Can Rap Her Song “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

I have no shame. I tried to get ticket’s to Luann de Lesseps‘ #CountessAndFriendsCabaret show – twice. Instead, I had to get the most extreme FOMO watching her sing and dance while Sonja Morgan’s dress fell off in Instagram video after Instagram video.

I was there right on the dot at 12PM ready to get tickets to the new wave of shows in May and it turns out that they were sold out before I even had a chance to get them thanks to the presale purchases. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who was (extremely) disappointed when those tickets were sold out before having a chance to buy them, but there is hope for all of Luann’s fans to catch her shows in May.

NeNe Leakes admits she made mistakes

Thanks to Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes‘ drama, it’s easy to forget that there are actually other people on Real Housewives of Atlanta. There are six full-time cast members and a plethora of side players, but when NeNe and Kim are going at it, there’s just nothing else worth paying attention to.

A few episodes ago, Cynthia Bailey’s kind-of-sort-of relationship with Will Jones was a hot topic of conversation. Normally Twitter would have been blowing up after that awkward kiss in the car, but with everything going on with Kim that’s just child’s play and was very easy to look over.

Faith confesses cheating on Jax

After Jax Taylor admitted to girlfriend Brittany Cartwright that he cheated on her with Faith Stowers, Faith just disappeared from this season of Vanderpump Rules. I thought she was in some sort of reality television witness protection program after every member of the cast turned against her. She became the talk of the season, something she’s clearly wanted for a long time, and now she’s gone? That was just so unexpected, almost more so than her having sex with Jax.

Now Faith is taking her talents to another network for another reality TV show.

Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 5 Recap: Massive Wake-Up Call

Had tonight’s episode of Survivor: Ghost Island aired in the 80s, the previews might have referred to it as a “very special episode.” That’s because it was a deeply personal, more emotional chapter of the show that we don’t get all that often, especially thus far this season when it has relied quite strongly on strategic prowess. Those that have complained that they don’t know or care about any of these contestants got to know and care about a select few of them tonight, and depending on if you like that sort of thing, it made the otherwise predictable episode a bit more enjoyable.

But first, as I do at the beginning of every Recap, please heed the following: Remember that this recap assumes that you have already seen this week’s Episode 5 of Survivor: Ghost Island, so if you have not and don’t want to be spoiled, please come back later! It’s important to add too that while we WILL hit on all of the important developments of the episode, this is not a linear “blow-by-blow” recap, and is more of a discussion and reaction of what we just witnessed together.