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Below Deck Mediterranean Tom Checketts Malia White

Malia White has appeared on two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean.  During season 2, she was promoted to lead deck hand, and on season 5, Malia joined as bosun.  Malia is undeniably successful, diligent, and competent at her job.

However,Malia’s love life on both seasons overshadowed her professional successes.  First, Malia maneuvered a love triangle with chef Adam Glick and bosun Wes Walton.  Now, Tom Checketts’  short temper is the main event.  Since Tom joined the crew, Malia has spent most of her screen time coaxing him out of the bathroom and diffusing his temper. 

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards has many talents, but amateur sleuthing is not one of them.  Neither is being subtle.  Or offering heartfelt apologies.  This trio of flaws may do some damage to her public image, though viewers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will not be surprised.

Kyle’s brazen and very public approach to a delicate situation has created a bigger issue than necessary and also put her in the hot seat to issue an apology.  A sincere apology.  And this time, it’s not one of her cast-mates asking for one.

Below Deck Mediterranean Aesha Scott

It seems that former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was not the only Below Deck Mediterranean cast member ready to leave yachting.  While Hannah made it clear on many occasions that she, “hates this f–king job,” Aesha Scott excelled in yachting and exhibited a unique ability to serve and mingle with the guests in just the right combination.  She also has an unusually positive attitude in any situation.  The only hint that Aesha was missing land life was her admission about desperately wanting to visit her family.

But the last six months have been nothing if not a time to reassess priorities.  Why not take a chance to rekindle and old flame?  And Aesha revealed a need for self-reflection as she approaches her 30th birthday.

90 Day Fiance Star Jess Caroline Says Her Relationship With Colt Johnson Was Abusive; Describes His Behavior As Bipolar, And Sent Out Her Nude Photos To Get Her Fired

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After got to know Jess Caroline as the laid-back, fun loving, Brazilian red-head who started dating Colt Johnson after his divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima.  Colt seemed smitten at first, and was even discussing baby names with Jess, as mother Debbie Johnson listened on in disgust.  Certainly, Jess’s happiness was short lived, and she started to unravel on camera.

Of course, viewers would be curious as to whether this relationship would end in the same manner as Colt and Larissa’s had.  After all, there was no clear aggressor and/or victim in that marriage. They simply shifted blame to their former partners.

Hannah Ferrier

It’s got to be difficult being a reality TV star.  You don’t have control of unflattering edits, you’re at the mercy of non-disclosure agreements, and have to relive some of your worst days in the public eye.  Social media is forever.

Hannah Ferrier is currently living her best life.  She has a doting boyfriend and is pregnant with their first child.  Love her or hate her, Hannah is undeniably happy and radiant.  Getting fired from Below Deck Mediterranean was probably one of the best things that happened to her.  But reliving it while the season is airing and having to respond on social media might not be.

Captain Sandy Yawn

After Hannah Ferrier was fired on the recent Below Deck Mediterranean episode, she decided to stroll the dock and smoke a cigarette.  An understandable choice, given the brusqueness of her termination.  While on the phone with boyfriend Josh, Hannah was cornered on the dock by Captain Sandy Yawn.

Sandy was looking to validate her decision.  Or maybe more camera time.  Whatever the motivation, she really wanted Hannah to understand her point of view and leave on a sympathetic note.  Hannah was having none of it, and left the boat with unresolved tension.

Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier’s struggles with anxiety and panic attacks have surfaced over the five seasons that she’s been Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean.  In the past, Captain Sandy Yawn displayed some degree of empathy towards Hannah. She even let her take a day off during charter to regroup after a particularly taxing flare up.  This season, unfortunately, Hannah was not in trustworthy company when she was on her knees in distress and asking for a Valium.  Bosun Malia White took the liberty of reporting Hannah’s prescriptions, not the morning after the incident, but in retaliation for an unrelated matter days later.

It’s simply too convenient that production was itching for a cast shake-up and Hannah was just not into the job anymore.  They found a willing participant to take advantage of Hannah’s vulnerability.  And while Hannah should have registered her medicines with the boat, and perhaps it was time for her to leave the industry, the way Malia and Sandy were complicit in taking Hannah down has left them at the mercy of fan backlash.

Darcey Silva Reveals A New Man In Trailer For H

The last time we saw the Silva twins, Darcey Silva broke up with Tom Brooks on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.  Tom was already seeing another woman when he flew to New York to dump Darcey.  It was messy, but she took the breakup like a champ and vowed to work on herself before looking for love again.

When news came out about their TLC spinoff Darcey & Stacey, it seemed like a hybrid of Silva power and 90 Day Fiance.  Except Stacey Silva’s relationship would have been the focus.  Stacey and Albanian fiance Florian have been dating long-distance for five years.  But a newly released trailer reveals that Darcey is also sharing a relationship with the cameras.