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A lot going on in the Big Brother 13 house this week!

Following another HOH win by the Veteran alliance, even worse Rachel was the winner, we have still yet to experience a power shift in the BB house. And not surprisingly, Dominic and Adam continued to be targets as evident by their nominations.

Below, spoilers on the veto competition, the winner, whether it was used and most importantly, which returning HG is causing drama in the house! Hint – it ain’t Rachel!



The veto competition was played on Saturday and Brendon won the competition! Of course. Danielle, who might or might not be in love with Dominic, immediately started pushing hard to save him.

Instead of just playing it safely and convincing her alliance to vote out Adam, Danielle made a terrible mistake when she started pushing for Brenchel to backdoor Jeff and Jordan in hopes of getting Jeff out! Wowzers. Just a bad game play all around by Danielle as it is simply way too early and very unnecessary to be making such moves at this point in the game.

It appeared Brenchel, who really really wants to be liked by America, was not on board with the plan as they relayed all of Danielle’s plans back to Jeff and Jordan. As expected Jeff was very pissed.

The veto ceremony took place on Monday and Brendon did NOT use the POV which really upset Danielle. She was livid. Perhaps realizing Brenchel is not on her side, during a Veteran alliance meeting last night, Danielle assured them she was still all in. The five of them hugged it out but once Danielle left the room, it was clear it was all for show. Brenchel, Jeff, and Jordan have decided to be nice to Danielle in case she ends up winning HOH. The plan now is to get Danielle out next.

And thanks to Evel Dick’s early exit, it appears the duo twist officially ends Thursday? Meaning all of the HGs will likely get to play for HOH and anyone can be put up for nomination. Perhaps Danielle should have taken a page out of Porsche’s book as she has managed to keep her mouth shut and completely fly under the radar. Seriously, has Porsche uttered a word in the past 2 weeks?

The plan now is to vote out Dominic which kind of sucks as just like Cassie, he appears to be a good player. But unlike Cassie, Dominic is actually fighting hard to stay in the game!

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