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Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Yesterday, Ashley Darby posted, “It’s really hitting me – these are the last moments of [son] Dean being my only baby. While I’m beyond words excited for our growing family, I have to give space and acknowledgement for the journey Dean and I have been on thus far. He’s a magical little human and I count my lucky stars every single day that I get to be his mother.”

In another post, the pregnant reality star gushed, “To say I’m on Cloud 9 would be an understatement of epic proportions.” Early this morning, the Real Housewives of Potomac star posted “go time” to her Instagram Story.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac viewers still don’t know for sure what was real and what was fake in Gizelle Bryant’s revived relationship with her cheating ex-husband Jamal Bryant.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from criticizing the way Real Housewives from other shows pick and choose what they show from their own relationships. Pot, meet kettle.

Scott Disick Amelia Hamlin

Whatever is going on between Scott Disick and Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Hamlin has lasted a lot longer than any of us expected. Lisa hasn’t publicly commented on the bid for publicity relationship between her daughter and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.But, maybe, she’s just waiting to share her true feelings on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Recently, a clip resurfaced from a joint confessional interview that no one asked for featuring Amelia and her sister Delilah Hamlin, per The Sun. During the conversation, Amelia made fun of then-eighteen-year-old Delilah for talking to 35-year-old men on dating apps. Delilah denied an interest in older men, declaring,”35 is way too old.” Welp. Amelia is 19 and Scott is 37. Now, I wonder if Delilah is making fun of her in between trying to make it into paparazzi photos of Amelia and Scott.

Heather Dubrow Is Not Impressed

Braunwyn Windham-Burke really did the most during the latest Real Housewives of Orange County season… both on the show and on social media… and in interviews. It really turned into The Braunwyn Show, which many of us grew tired with.

She just seemed to do whatever she could to be seen, including hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of her at a Black Lives Matter protest. Trying to spotlight yourself during an event like that is just beyond cringe-worthy. Since then she “just happened to be photographed” while she and husband Sean Burke were walking out of a sex shop. Really? Paparazzi just happen to be following a second-season Real Housewife who lives in Orange County, California? No one believes that. Just like no one believes that the paparazzi “just happened to photograph” pictures of Braunwyn with her new girlfriend Kris. Kelly Dodd called her out for saying it was all staged, and, clearly, she’s right.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Who spreads rumors about someone cheating on his wife during his own birthday party? Teresa Giudice, that’s who. I would say that she showed up “armed and ready” to destroy Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan Goldschneider and his reputation, but she didn’t really seem to think out her strategy. Nor was she at-all-prepared with what she was going to say.

She had no evidence, no timeline, no witnesses, and she didn’t even share any details. She vaguely said he “does stuff at the gym.” What kind of stuff, Tre? With who? When? Who’s your source? Did she even have a source? Or did she just say this in retaliation to Jackie’s whole “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck” thing last year when those photos emerged of Teresa holding hands with a 26-year-old guy.

Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Let’s face it, Real Housewives of New Jersey is basically The Teresa Giudice Show. All of the other Real Housewives shows are true ensembles, but this one really isn’t.

All storylines lead back to Teresa. They even took a year+ off from shooting because they didn’t want to film the series while Teresa was in jail. There was actually a three-episode special focused on Teresa’s family while she was in prison with Teresa solely appearing via speaker phone. Real Housewives of New Jersey super fan Jackie Goldschneider is tired of Teresa being the queen bee on the show.


I am already sick of the word “analogy” and we are just two episodes into Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11. Jackie Goldschneider said, “I heard Gia [Giudice] snorts coke in the bathroom at parties. I mean, I heard it! I don’t know where I heard it from… It’s the same thing!”

She was trying to get Teresa Giudice to understand the magnitude of claiming that Jackie’s husband Evan Goldschneider “does stuff at the gym.” However, now, people are flocking to Gia’s social media accusing her of doing drugs. Previously, Jackie said she didn’t regret the analogy. But, has she changed her mind?

DONT USE- Amelia Hamlin

When Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Hamlin posted a bunch of glammed up photos on Instagram, I couldn’t recognize her. Well, other than the name on her Instagram account confirming that it’s her in the photo. But, that’s not surprising. From all the nips, tucks, injections, and photoshopping on Instagram, it’s hard for me to recognize most of these reality TV stars.

In this particular photo, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills offspring is much tanner than usual. And, in response, some Instagram users accused her of blackfishing; I.e. intentionally making her skin tone look darker.