New day and new time! Millionaire Matchmaker is still here, and Patti Stanger has a whole new night to make her feel better about herself. We begin this episode in true Patti fashion with her showing off her body her DVDs. She is telling her manager how skinny she is while he is telling her she needs to find a man.

The manager explains she is a matchmaker, so she should take her own advice and set herself up. What a marvelous idea! Viewers have been saying that for weeks, but finally someone tells her. What does Patti say? Surprisingly, nothing, maybe he hit a nerve. Destin, in a hat he stole from Joe Gorga, introduces our millionaires this week. All I can say is meet Mr. Boring and Mr. More Boring. Southern boy Brandon Broussard is recovering from a break-up and needs true love, and playboy William Stern wants a girl to bring home to mama (isn’t that same story every week?).

Patti meets Brandon and decides she likes him because he is sweet, writes poetry, and is from Louisiana. She also explains he is a good guy because he owns up to his mistakes. Maybe Patti will learn a thing or two from this millionaire?


William Stern is a complete tool wannabe player. His pride is his car collection of Porsches, but the problem is not the absurd amount of money he wastes on cars when he should be buying Rogaine, but is the fact that his cars are orange. Due to his sleeping around playboy status, he is sent to a therapy session with Dr. Ruth Dr. Allen. This therapist even made me feel uncomfortable, and I was not even there. It was like Sex Ed class mixed with my Grandma giving advice. Awkward!

Recruiting session time! And it goes along with this week’s theme of boring millionaires-boring girls. Patti calls one fat, tells one to wash her hair, and one that her boobs are great. Hey, at least she worked in a compliment in this week’s session. Patti does have a good line asking, “Where are all the Asian girls at?” The burning question.

The mixer is same old at a fancy restaurant with a bunch of easy eager girls waiting to meet the millionaires. Am I the only one that noticed the amazing calf muscles on these women? I guess those stilettos are working for them. William meets his ladies asking if they have ever had sex on a sail boat. No response. Have you ever gotten impregnated on a sail boat? I kid you not; William did not want to let go of this question.

Patti is quick to break up the conversation William is having explaining that sex on a first date is bad. As he explains he is not interested in sex, he allows some lady to sit on his lap. I was waiting for the lap dance to begin, but thankfully Patti pulled the girl off.

Both gentlemen picked the lovely Jaclyn for their master dates. The lucky girl gets to choose which one she wants. I like how the tables have turned. She picks Brandon leaving William in the dust (which I don’t blame her). William then asks his back-up Tammy for a date, and she (gasps!) declines. Love it! Now what, Patti picks him a girl from the crowd, Fahara. And finally she says yes to a date with him.
Brandon takes Jaclyn on a paragliding and beach date. It was quite romantic and to go along with this week’s theme- bland. But the couple has amazing chemistry which I actually agree with. I do not think I have ever seen a date go this smoothly in Millionaire Matchmaker history.

William tries polo for the first time with Fahara. Patti calls to chasten William for a polo date, but I will actually disagree with Patti here. How could the polo date be bad when Fahara got to watch William suck at it the whole time? That sounds like a good time to me. The two have a boring romantic dinner and watch the sunset.

Lucky for Patti, she got to show off her success this week since both millionaires are in love with their ladies. They both kissed their girls on the dates, and then asked for another kiss. I think both millionaires read the same article in Seventeen telling teenagers to ask for a second kiss. Patti enjoys her success until next week!


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