Is it me or is this season of Millionaire Matchmaker really dragging on? No pun intended, but between Mr. Drag Queen himself and Mr. Drag Personality, Patti had her hands full last night with her two millionaires. Surely this was filmed months before Patti’s controversy statements about gay men.

Patti is full of famous friends this season and tonight she meets with gossip king Perez Hilton who must be getting desperate for gossip since he now spends his time interviewing Patti Stanger and hosting the Bad Girl’s Club Reunion. Yet, he would be a fabulous millionaire (who actually has money) that Patti should set up!

On to the millionaires — Rachel introduces her client Jason Bross who is a shy businessman that has a career in healthy food on the go. He is always accused of being gay, but he insists he isn’t (thou protesteth too much?). Patti explains he needs a personality and that he is boring — which makes me ponder does Patti ever have entertaining clients? And to prove me wrong, Patti gives us the first ever drag queen millionaire!

Frank Marino is a famous Las Vegas drag queen seeking a new man. Why would he need a man with that adorable Maltese puppy? Heck, I will be his man if he treats me half as great as he treats that dog! I would kill for my own pink personal canopy bed.  Besides his amazing pampering skills, Frank makes a hell of a Joan Rivers — seriously he looks just like her! And don’t even get me started when he dressed up as Patti — I had to pause my TV to make sure it was not Patti herself.

Patti, like always, pulls off an impressive mixer with lots of options for the millionaires. Michael Jackson Frank gets quite a large selection, though he gets rejected twice. Poor guy! Though one rejection was by Jason who is straight in case any of the viewers are still unsure. The other rejection came from Jonathan who even rejected JWoww, clearly he has no taste. In the end, Frank picks his “pocket gay” (Patti’s words not mine) Paul.

Jason picks Alison who Patti does not like which I have no idea why because Alison seems genuine and sweet. Their date begins with a Tom Sawyer raft ride. Seriously, Bravo must have stolen this raft straight from Disney World’s Tom Sawyer Island, but they forgot the motor because Jason has to struggle to paddle across the lake. Just when I thought Alison might just jump in and swim, Jason gets them to their private island for a nice meal filled with insects, sweat and awkward silences.

Frank’s date with Paul begins with a zip lining experience, but the real fun occurs at dinner where Paul gets his drink on. He really knows how to enjoy a glass of wine or two or three, ok maybe eight! I think he is an adorable drunk, but Frank disagrees and gives him the boot!

Jason expresses what an amazing time he had on his date — delusional much? Unfortunately, Alison remembers the date for what it is and has no intention of seeing Jason again.

Patti is 0 – 2 again this week, until next week where she will try again with two new millionaires!

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