They’re baa–ack! Last night marked the return of MTV’s second season of the second cycle of Teen Mom. The stories begin where they left off last season, and not much has changed with the young mothers.

Right off the bat, Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara are like oil and water. Jenelle is trying to keep the fact that she bailed her boyfriend Kieffer out of jail a secret. She tells her mom she really wants to turn her life around and she has no plans to bail her ex out of the clink. Per the usual, she is met with her mother’s doubt and negativity, but Jenelle is allowed to take her son Jace to the park alone… where she meets up with her convict boyfriend. I don’t know whether I’m more upset that Barbara has never had any faith in her daughter or Jenelle for never giving her a reason to have it in the first place.


Leah Messer sums up her time on MTV’s pregnancy programs — from her first “date” with Corey Sims that led to the twins, to her cheating on him, to their marriage, to having a daughter with developmental delays. Leah is stir-crazy as a stay-at-home mom and is itching to get a job. I am thrilled to see that Corey doesn’t seem to require the subtitles of seasons past, although I still struggle to understand what he says. The gist seems to be that if Leah gets a job, she’s not allowed to flirt with the customers. Gotta love that trust!

Kailyn Lowery and son Issac are no longer living with Issac’s father Joe and his family, and she is still dating former co-worker Jordan. While she is adjusting to living with her mother, things with Joe are less tense because the couple was able to work out a custody agreement. Kailyn and Jordan are getting pretty serious, and she is keeping Jordan’s involvement with Issac from Joe. She is hoping Joe will let her pick up Issac early on Halloween in order for Jordan and her to take him trick-or-treating. Joe is very accommodating since he will be trick-or-treating with his son earlier in the day.

Chelsea Houska recaps her pregnancy, dropping out of high school and the volatile relationship with douchebag (ex) boyfriend Adam. He will forever be the jackass that sent his girlfriend a text calling her horrendous names and asking where to sign over his “mistake,” or as the viewing public calls “it” his daughter, Aubree. Chelsea, of course, will always be the girl that took him back, paid for his unemployed shenanigans (or rather tricked her dad into paying) and continued to play dumb while he cheated on her. I am hoping (and hopeful) that she proves me wrong this season, as I think she’s got it in her to be strong, intelligent and independent. Sometimes I forget how young these girls are.

Studying (?) for her GED, Chelsea gets a random text from Adam requesting to see Aubree. Chelsea is concerned that Adam always seems to come around just as she’s getting strong enough to get over him. Hmm… funny how that happens! Chelsea expresses her nervousness to her sister, saying she thinks Adam realizes how much he loves and misses both Aubree and her. Oh, gracious.

Leah goes on a job hunt and ends up scoring a job interview as a dental assistant, although it’s full-time, not the part-time gig she’d wanted. Elsewhere, Kailyn and her friend are painting a pumpkin and discussing the fact that Kailyn doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about hiding Jordan’s interaction in Issac’s life from Joe. She confides in her friend that she isn’t trying to replace Joe in Issac’s life, but she is excited about the role Jordan may get to play with her son.

Jenelle is hanging out with her friends that helped her bail Kieffer out of jail. While her pals Amber and Ben Pink Shirt may have helped her spring her man from the slammer, they still aren’t keen on the pair’s relationship. They ask a few clearly scripted questions to Jenelle about whether she’s worried her arrest may prohibit her from getting full custody of Jace. It’s funny to watch someone who has got to be on something (he’s totally on something, right?) ask such pointed, well-spoken questions. Jenelle, not surprisingly, has an articulate, albeit B.S. answer. She is one smart cookie (I may even venture one of the most intelligent of the franchise), which is why it’s so frustrating to watch her keep making such dumb decisions. Pink Shirt makes the statement, “Kieffer’s homeless, but… I know the heart wants what the heart wants.” MTV, please give this guy his own show!

Adam is coming over to visit Aubree, thus Chelsea has curled her hair extra special for the event. The former couple automatically slips back into their old ways… Adam is trying to be smooth while Chelsea’s overly annoying voice is equal parts faux mad and middle school flirtatious. Adam stays a full five minutes and it’s plenty of time to make Chelsea fall hard again.

Speaking of falling hard, Jenelle lies to her mom so she can go on a “date” (ie, sit in his house her car) with Kieffer, and even he is wondering what she sees in him. Um, take that hint, Jenelle! Poor Jenelle has quite a game plan for the pair… but she stays out too late, causing Barbara to reneg on Jenelle’s baby-sitting duties for the following day. Extreme cussing ensues and a sobbing Jenelle calls Kieffer as her mother carts Jace off to daycare. Kieffer comes over to comfort his girlfriend.

Kailyn picks up Issac from Joe’s for Halloween. She is determined not to mention Jordan. Joe hugs his ex and son good-bye, and she mentions to Joe — yet again — how glad she is that the two can be civil towards one another. Is is just me, or does her constant reminder take a little bit of the civility out of the situation? Despite Corey’s reservations, Leah heads to her interview at the office where her mother works . She gets hired immediately. Leah is hesitant about leaving the girls five days a week, but she has childcare in place. She doesn’t think Corey will be too upset about the job as she will be working with a bunch of ladies. Her mother reminds Leah that trust is the most important aspect of any relationship. Corey doesn’t share Leah’s enthusiasm about her new employment.

Chelsea hopes that studying for her GED will be a welcome distraction from the recently flirtatious Adam. Her mother reminds of what a jackleg Adam is as a boyfriend, and shockingly thanks to MTV producers, Adam calls at that point to discuss getting back together. Her mother lays the smack down about how stupid it would be to reconcile, but Chelsea doesn’t appear to be buying it.

Things with Jenelle and her mom are still tense, but Jenelle is excited about taking Jace trick-or-treating. She heads off to Amber’s has a secret rendezvous with Kieffer. She is annoyed at the constant secrecy and Kieffer’s solution is for them both to “keep on stacking cake” so they’ll soon be able to afford an apartment together. Um, what? Neither of them want Barbara to tear them apart. I want to shake Jenelle… and Barbara too. Maybe if she weren’t so critical they could come to Kieffer-free understanding.

Leah is hoping that Corey will warm up to the idea of her new job. He wants to make sure that her salary will be worth the gas money… and that there are no dudes working at the office. And the subtitles are back! The couple dresses their adorable twins as matching ladybugs, and Corey seems to be changing his tune about his wife’s latest gig. Also, heading out for candy are Kailyn, Jordan and Issac. Kailyn is a cowgirl, Issac is a precious giraffe and Jordan is an awkwardly large baby. Kailyn is happy to see how good Jordan is with her son. He truly seems to want to be a part of both of their lives.

Chelsea and her friend are taking their babies to the pumpkin patch. Chelsea tries unsuccessfully to convince her friend that just because she’s now constantly talking about Adam again and moping about not having the family she once dreamed of for Aubree that she isn’t going to be wooed so easily. She assures her friend that she is thinking with her brain now and not her heart. Chelsea’s friend, like the majority of viewers, doesn’t seem to believe her.

While her girls stay with Corey’s family, Leah shops for scrubs for her new job. She is very excited about starting at the dentist’s office. There seems to be a lot of talk about Corey’s trust issues when she’s just going to help provide for the family. It’s not like she’s cocktail waitressing at a strip club (not that there’s anything wrong with that… unless of course you’re married to an untrusting Corey), she’s going to be juggling patients and answering phones. The pair have a much needed date night and Corey is starting to come around to the idea of a second income. Leah seems over the moon about her job and her husband’s support.

Jenelle is taking Jace trick-or-treating, but of course, she’s more consumed with the fact that Kieffer can’t join them. She stupidly allows him to borrow her car so he can meet up with his friends. She walks into the house to a screaming Barbara who just saw her with Kieffer. A crying Jace watches as Barbara throws Jenelle’s stuff on the lawn. Barbara antagonizes her daughter, hurling insults while Jenelle waits on the curb with her pile of belongings. I bet she wishes she hadn’t lent her car to Kieffer now. This show is so depressing… even more so because it’s true.

Next week, Leah and Corey face a brain MRI for Ali. Kailyn’s mom’s boyfriend no longer wants her and Issac to live at their house. Chelsea contemplates running blindly and stupidly right back into Adam’s arms a reconciliation with Aubree’s dad. Jenelle doesn’t want to deal with Kieffer’s drinking and the couple gets into an altercation. If only we didn’t already know how all of these stories have panned out to date, it might be easier to watch…


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