The Bachelor has already established their villain in Courtney Robertson, a brunette who appears to have not received the memo that no one says “winning” anymore. In a new report by Life & Style magazine, it’s revealed that she’s not exactly the lonely date-less girl she has painted herself out to be in her conversations with Ben Flajnik.

In fact, she had a serious boyfriend whom she dumped to appear on the show! The report’s source reveals “She was dating photographer Cavan Clark for months. Then one day she just stopped calling. And they were so serious. Even talking marriage. He was about to propose.”

The source claims that the callous Courtney even filmed her Bachelor spots in a dress her boyfriend got her as well as a bicycle, which Cavan discovered by watching TV and catching his former beloved.

Ben is also getting a glimpse into Courtney’s true nature by watching the episodes along with the rest of us and on his blog, says he didn’t know what she was doing when she wasn’t trapping him in her web:

“One thing I was completely oblivious to was Courtney causing such a stir with the other women. I thought that she was just making the most of her moments with me.

It’s really hard to not let your mind get caught up in “Do I really know that this person is being sincere?” so I tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I tried not to go into this experience with the fear that I was getting played, but I will say that if I let myself go there, it’s a common fear in any relationship. Am I seeing the real side to this person?”

In his blog, Ben appears frustrated he is not getting the complete story and has to rely on himself:

“It’s really hard to navigate this process, especially when I don’t see what is going on between the ladies when I’m not in the room. But even though there was drama amongst the women, I decided to rely on my own intuitions and make up my mind for myself.”

Whether or not Ben knows about Courtney‘s true personality and serious boyfriend, it’s clear he’s smitten with her charms, on full display in the following clip where the two go skinny dipping. It’s so romantic with the two of them, the camera crew, producers, and the knowledge everyone you’ve ever known will soon be watching you naked with blocks on your private parts. It’s every girl’s dream.

Check out the below preview clip, where Courtney says she’s “winning” and explains her rationale for asking him to swim nude (and make out) with her: “It’s not every day that you’re in Puerto Rico with a guy that you like. You only live once. I’m hoping he finds me irresistible.”

A new episode of The Bachelor airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c.


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