On last night’s Mob Wives, everyone shockingly got along.  There were no brawls, no altercations, and a relatively small amount of drama.  What’s going on, ladies?

Renee Graziano and Ramona Rizzo head to lunch, where Renee finally realizes that she needs to stop throwing a pity party for herself.  She doesn’t want Junior Pagan to have that kind of power of her after his shady dealings.  Ramona reveals that the feds obtained a search warrant for Joe’s house and have confiscated all of her jewelry from the home.  It’s over 200k worth of baubles, and Ramona is beyond upset about the hoops she will have to jump through to have it returned.

Karen Gravano is anticipating the release of Mob Daughters and she is going to have a big party, including media, red carpet, the works.  Karen is nervous about the potential questions the book could generate, but she is very excited about the venue.

Big Ang is excited about the holidays, especially for her sister Janine’s Christmas party at her massive home.  Renee is looking good and arrives ready to have fun.  Drita D’Avanzo shows up and is awe of Janine’s house.  Of course, Renee wants to get to the bottom of Carla Facciolo implying that Renee knew Junior was a rat.  Both Drita and Big Ang are defending Carla because they don’t think she meant any harm.  Renee is finally ready to listen to reason, and Big Ang is grateful.  She just wants to have a fun party!

Drita and Carla go shopping for jewelry for Carla’s niece’s sweet sixteen party.  Drita relays to Carla how crazy Renee went over hearing Carla’s comment from Karen.  Carla is so tired of how sensitive Renee is being, and she can’t believe Karen didn’t convey the context in which her statement was said.  Drita tries to play peacekeeper, but it seems like it’s going to be a lost cause.

Ramona has a meeting with Joe’s attorney.  She wants to get her jewelry back…although she doesn’t seem to care about her children’s birth certificates which were stored with the jewelry.  He tells her that her possessions are likely in a vault in Texas.  Not only are many of the pieces expensive, but they have sentimental value.  Ramona is livid.

Carla and Renee meet for coffee to hash out their differences.  Carla is beyond angry that Renee would ever believe that Carla thought that way about her.  She basically goes on off on Renee for not coming to her first.  Carla is also shocked when Renee takes responsibility for making the assumption, and all is well (for now) with their friendship.

Ramona, Karen, and Big Ang are taking belly dancing lessons.  Big Ang can’t get the moves down, and Ramona blames her massively huge breasts for her lack of balance.  Karen isn’t getting the hang of it either.   She blames her preoccupation on the fact that some of the victims are trying to boycott her book.  She is just trying to tell the story of her life.  Ramona believes it must be difficult for all parties involved.  Ya think?

Drita has a cute scene with her youngest daughter.  Her four-year-old is the week’s star student, and Drita surprises her daughter by announcing she’s going to get a puppy.  Her daughter is thrilled, but Drita isn’t too keen on naming a dog “Sparkles.”


Renee heads to Carla’s for some coffee and chatting.  Renee invites Carla to ride in a rented town car with her and AJ. to Karen’s release party.   Carla admits that she won’t be attending the party.  She appreciates the invitation, but she is tired of putting herself in situations where Drita is constantly bashed.  Renee understands Carla’s reasoning, and the ladies discuss the potential of Drita making it into Karen’s book.  Rumor has it that Karen has written a lot about her friendship with Drita and her relationship with Lee.

Karen is being prepped for book party, and Ramona arrives to be pampered as well.  Karen receives flowers from her parents showing their support.  She gifts Ramona with an autographed copy of her book.

Instead of attending the book bash, Carla meets Drita for cocktails.  Drita gives Carla the big news that she’s getting her girls a puppy.  Carla relays her discussion with Renee and talks about skipping the party.  Drita’s mood drastically changes when Carla mentions that Karen may have written about Drita and Lee.  She needs the number for her anger management counselor, STAT!

Renee walks the red carpet at Karen’s party, and Karen is thrilled to have her brother in attendance to support her.  She is nervous about the interviews, but she handles them effortlessly.  Karen is asked if she is worried about potential retaliation, but she reveals that many of her father’s allies have come out of the woodwork to show their support.  Is it bad that at first blush I took this as a veiled threat?  Karen also has no clue whether Drita has read Mob Daughters.  The ladies all have a wonderful time at a shockingly drama-free celebration.

The following evening, Ramona calls Big Ang to relay the news that another big bust has happened due to evidence collected by Junior.  Ramona can’t get in touch with Renee.  Over dinner, Ramona tells Karen about the new arrest.  Renee’s best friend’s husband has been taken into custody.  The pair is worried about how Renee is going to react to this news.

Renee calls Big Ang on her way to her father’s status hearing.  She hasn’t seen her father in years, but she wants to be a supportive daughter.  Renee is beyond angry about what has happened with her best friend, and while she’s cursing Junior’s name all over the place, she seems to be at a relatively normal level emotionally.  There are no shaky hands, chain-smoking, or shrieking breakdowns.

Next week, Drita is going to star in a rap video, and Big Ang tries some Botox.  Renee and Big Ang try to negotiate a truce between Karen and Drita.


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