Why Dolores Catania Is the Big Ang of RHONJ

Dolores Catania
Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Big Ang was the best thing to happen to reality TV. When Mob Wives premiered in 2011, nothing like it had been filmed before. VH1 cameras followed women who were embroiled within the mob community, whether it was lovers, fathers, or brothers. Cue Bravo casting Dolores Catania on Season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The mother of two has been shaking up the Garden State for years. Now, it isn’t hard to see how Dolores and Big Ang might have been kindred spirits. 

Heart of gold

Recently, Janine Detore, Big Ang’s sister,  took to Instagram to share her personal thoughts on the queen of New Jersey. Before the premiere, Janine noted, “Dolores keeps her cool, while everyone else is killing each other …. you can’t miss #rhonj this season is on fire just like Dolo she’s on fire too.”

Both Big Ang and Dolo were known for their gigantic hearts and ability to empathize with those around them. The fan favorites on their respective shows often lent a helping hand and were the first to comfort a friend in need. For fans of Mob Wives, Big Ang was like a good-hearted cartoon character brought to life. I would argue that Big Ang and Dolores are sweet souls who will endure forever. 

Dolores is the muscle

More often than not, Dolores astounds me. Staying calm when in the middle of so much drama is quite a personality trait. Big Ang also kept her cool, especially when Renee Graziano would literally blow her top. Sometimes, Dolo can come off as cold, but it’s all in the name of loyalty. Both reality TV stars are well-informed about the old Italian mentality. It is clear that personal information is never brought up, and you don’t rat on those you consider family.

Just like Big Ang, Dolores is an enigma. She was a corrections officer, a pharmacy representative, and a gym owner. The mother of two is just as mysterious now in Season 14 as she was in Season 7. When it comes to both these women, something resonates with fans that makes viewers want to continuously root for them to succeed in everything they do. 

Dolores’s mob wife vibes are everything

The trailer for the Real Housewives of New Jersey has given viewers chills as it showed Dolores sitting at a table after a major battle. Dolores is shown sitting calmly, looking beautiful, while a literal mess unfolds around her. Both Big Ang and Dolo have nailed the mob wife aesthetic. The latest trend burst onto the scene as a way of embodying the confidence of classic Hollywood mob wives. In my opinion, there is no doubt that Dolo and Big Ang were The Dons of their respective groups. 

Will Janine join the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Janine recently spoke with The Sun about having an interest in joining the RHONJ franchise. She first told the outlet that she has a close friendship with Dolo and holds her in high regard. Janine shared, “I told Dolores I would watch it, and I do every Tuesday or I record it because we do talk about it. I want her to know that I am watching it.” As a show of respect, Janine noted, “She’s a wonderful woman, and I’m so glad that she just met Paulie because she really loves him, and he treats her wonderfully. He is the main man right now in her life other than her son Frankie.”

In the spirit of Big Ang, her sister shared, “I always ask Dolores, ‘Why are they screaming?’ Shut them up. Or take me to a party, and I’ll shut them up! Everyone needs to stop!” Even though Big Ang is no longer with us, Dolores is doing a great job staying true to herself, just like the former Mob Wives star. With Season 14 just starting, fans will surely see Dolores in all her glory.