Yesterday afternoon Renee Graziano‘s seventeen-year-old son AJ Pagan was arrested in Staten Island for being involved in a “physical altercation”!

Before everyone freaks out, RadarOnline reports that witnesses say the teen wasn’t the instigator and was actually trying to break up the fight when police intervened. “AJ was trying to break up a fight and got caught up in it,” a witness explains. “The next thing you know, the cops arrive and haul him off. It totally wasn’t his fault though, he was actually trying to do a good deed.”

Regardless, Renee was understandably upset and furious! “Just whn u think the sun is gonna shine it pours!!!! #God Give Me A Break lol,” the Mob Wives star tweeted following the event.

Hopefully AJ won’t get into too much trouble and this was all a misunderstanding!

[Photo Credit: Ryan Fu/]

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