It has been two years since Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin separated and roughly two months since their last Twitter feud.  After many years of abuse, eight kids, a hit TV show come and gone, and a very nasty public divorce, are Kate and Jon finally going to act like adults and be civil to one another for the sake of their children?  According to the insufferable self-involved star, yes, they are.

She tells Ann Curry of the Today show that her relationship with Jon is more peaceful than ever.  In her signature spin to make herself look like the devoted parent picking up the pieces, she says, “He’s been really positive and more available and it’s just less stressful. I feel like he’s working with me and the kids notice it – and that’s good because I’ve always wanted peace for them.”


Is it too late?  Can Kate and Jon join forces to repair the damage they’ve done to their brood?  Most importantly, will it last?  If it doesn’t last beyond, say, next week, the rest doesn’t matter.

Speaking of the kids, Kate also confides to Ann Curry that the kids truly miss being on TV.  Kate adds, “So, with our TLC contract now over, we’re hoping to move forward and do more fun projects.”  She’s either completely delusional or she’s raising eight little future ‘Real World’ stars.  Either explanation is believable.

Kate neglects to mention how her new buddy, Jon, feels about the plan to get the kids back on TV.  I suspect we’ll read about it on Twitter in the near future.

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