Where Are These Memorable Kids From Real Housewives Of Orange County Now?

Over the years, Bravo introduced viewers to the families and children of its most popular Real Housewives stars. Real Housewives of Orange County had some incredibly memorable kids who definitely made an impression early in the franchise. RHOC star Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter Lindsey Knickerbocker was among the first OC Angels. Remember that incredibly questionable venture? We’ve invested a lot of time in these kids’ lives–and it’s hard not to wonder what happened to them after their moms left the show.

From Jeana Keough to Vicki Gunvalson, let’s see catch up with some of the kids who set the tone. We watched them act out, act up, and sometimes get a mug shot. Life in mom’s fast lane isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Kimberly Bryant’s Daughter Bianca Bryant

Kimberly Bryant was on Season 1 of RHOC. She was a one-and-done, as Kimberly and her family relocated to Chicago when filming ended. Due to medical reasons, she wanted her kids to be raised in a less sun-worshiping society. Not a bad call and rare when we see someone caring more about their family than their camera time. That said, the details of why the family really left town are kind of sketchy.

Bianca Bryant is Kim’s oldest child and she has a little brother, Travis Bryant. It just occurred to me this article poses a threat of making us all feel old. Sorry in advance. It’s my pleasure to tell you Bianca is now a grown woman and pretty successful. Per her LinkedIn page, she is the eCommerce Strategy Manager at Walmart. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds relatively fancy.

Lynne Curtain’s Daughter Raquel Curtain

Bless Lynne Curtin’s heart. She tried, kind of. Lynne had an incredibly rough time on RHOC. Unfortunately, Lynne’s tv drama turned into real-life madness after she left the show. Lynne and her husband weren’t too keen on discipline or consequences when it came to their two daughters. There was attempted drinking underage and complete disregard for any boundaries Lynne would weakly try to set. Lynne’s daughter Alexa Curtin has had some very challenging bumps in the road and her older sister Raquel Curtin made Lynne a grandma. After Lynne left RHOC, Raquel took a break from the spotlight. Lynne would have Raquel model her jewelry line on Instagram, but that isn’t the only modeling she does.

Raquel also lends her talents to OnlyFans and other platforms under the name “Suttin” in the adult vid industry. She has her own Insta if you want to check it out. Her bouncing baby boy is about 7 and Lynne refuses to be addressed as “Grandma”, but you may call her “Gia.”

Vicki Gunvalson’s Son Michael Wolfsmith

Easily one of my favorite kids in the history of Bravo kids has to be Vicki’s son Michael Wolfsmith. Mike had an incredible ability to tune out certain unpleasant sounds once the screeching reached a certain decibel. This young man endured unannounced visits to college. He didn’t flinch during the family van incident. And Michael never ever took his mother seriously enough to allow it to turn him into a raging psychopath.

As of December 2022, Michael works for… you guessed it, Coto Insurance. Despite Vicki being his boss, Mike is totally living life in the awesome lane. He’s active on Instagram and apparently he moved on up the Coto ladder to Vice-President, according to his LinkedIn. We love to see it.

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Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring

Lauri Peterson’s life on RHOC started out rough but it definitely got better. Her son Josh Waring’s life on RHOC started out okay and then exploded with troubles. Lauri didn’t have much time to ease into filming a show before things went from rags to riches. The divorced mom was reduced to working for Vicki, which is bad enough. But Lauri struggled to try and repair what was left of her life after her marriage ended while on camera. Her two oldest children seemed to be impacted the most. Lauri’s only son Josh had trouble from the jump. It was a seriously sad tale of substance abuse and multiple arrests.

Josh has spent most of his life either behind bars or facing charges. In 2016 he was arrested for 3 counts of attempted murder. He was arrested in 2020 for possession of a controlled substance. There was also a charge of assault with a firearm. Additionally, Josh falsely represented himself to an officer. In September 2022, Josh plead guilty to felony drug charges. In a plot twist we don’t see a lot, Josh received $595k in a settlement after he alleged his phone calls were illegally recorded and he was set up for an attack while in custody. According to Lauri, Josh wants to pursue a career in law.

Jeana Keough’s Daughter Kara Keough

Kara Keough is Jeana’s only daughter and boy did she have some interesting times on RHOC. Kara was brilliant and motivated against the backdrop of her oldest brother being primed to follow his dad’s career. Add in a little brother experiencing the pains of growing up on tv and you had a very busy and loud household.

All of the kids aged out and Kara went on to attend UCLA. While at college she met her future husband Kyle Bosworth. Kyle played in the NFL as a linebacker until 2013. In February 2014, Kara and Kyle got married and celebrated the birth of their first child in 2016. When Decker Kate Bosworth was born, she clocked in about two weeks early and new grandma Jeana missed the birth. In 2019 Kara announced she was pregnant with number two. In an incredibly heartbreaking turn of events, McCoy Bosworth died during childbirth. Kara publicly shared her grief process on social media and in turn, she found she wasn’t alone.

But Kara’s story wasn’t over. She received massive support from family, friends, and followers. Kara had her rainbow baby, Vaughn Bosworth, six days before the anniversary of McCoy’s passing. The family is currently living happily ever after.


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