Kim Kardashian sure does move fast – she married Kris Humphries after knowing him less than a year, which probably explains why she divorced him after three months of marriage. Well, now after dating Kanye West a scant couple of months the couple is allegedly planning to move in together! Yep, welcome to the house that Kimye built.

According to Life & Style the newly nickname minted couple who recently did London are looking for a lovenest together. “They are preparing to move in together, it’s moving that quick,” an insider reveals. “If things continue at the speed they’re going, Kim and Kanye will rent a new house together. They wouldn’t buy yet.”

The magazine claims that Kim is putting her fantastic LA home on the market and moving her entire collection of personal photos – featuring herself of course. “Kim would be putting a lot of her stuff in storage. Her bathmat is KK-embroidered and that’s not changing. She’s OCD-immaculate and so is Kanye, so to have both of their items would create problems.” Oh, well… this could get good! I suggest Jeff Lewis stage an Interior Therapy.


Since Kim only owns one home, she will be making their shared residence her permanent home. The house we see on her various reality shows is “the only place she has in LA,” but if things go wrong, “she always has her mom’s,” the insider explains. And Kim is also making plans to go on tour with Kanye this summer.

Adding fuel to the fire that the lovebirds are ready to take the next step, TMZ is seconding the claims that Kim’s house is on the market. Kim has allegedly given a “pocket listing” to a realtor for her Beverly Hills home and is asking $5M for the property. A pocket listing means it will not appear in official real estate listings.

Interesting, Kanye has also listed his LA home in a pocket listing. A source close to Kim confirms both that halves of Kimye are selling their homes and looking for place to rent together in a gated community. Well, uuuhhhh… I hope this cohabitation last longer than Kim’s last one did! Hopefully we won’t be watching Kim & Kanye Take LA on E! anytime soon.

Moving on, Kim recently tweeted that after flying on British Airways personal and sentimental items were stolen from her luggage by airline personnel. Well, now Kim has revealed what exactly they took. Apparently shortly before her father Robert Kardashian passed away he gave Kim a pair of vintage sunglasses that belonged to him. Kim wore the glasses only on special occasions.

TMZ reports that in addition to the sunglasses, the thieves also made off with some expensive purses and Tumi luggage. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has reportedly filed a report with the airline demanding to see surveillance footage that may identify the culprits. If that doesn’t happen Kim is expected to go to the police. Hopefully Kim will get her sunglasses returned. That’s really unfortunate.

And finally, poor Kimmie will be make an appearance on Punk’d this season! Kim announced her punking on Twitter and posted a preview clip of the episode. The video preview is below!

If you wanna watch Kim get made a fool of the episode will air this Sunday, June 3rd 8/7c on MTV.


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