Last night we were treated to a double dose of Sister Wives.  First off, Kody and Meri tackle their fertility issues, and then the Brown clan celebrates Valentine’s Day polygamist style.  Throw in some drama about financing four new homes, and TLC’s bringing the tame drama!  I’m not complaining…I’d take tame over crazy any day of the week!

Kody and his wives are trying to find homes in closer proximity with one another.  Right now, the wives are all spread out over Las Vegas, and the children (all the children!) aren’t really functioning as a family.  The wives meet with a realtor and lender hoping to be able to purchase four houses on the same street.  Currently everything on the street is under construction.  Basically, two of the wives, if approved for financing, can move into two homes within the next month.  However, the other wives will have to wait until their houses are actually built.  Kody and his wives reminisce about their perfect home in Utah, but hopefully they will have four perfect homes in Nevada…sometime.  The lender admits that it isn’t unusual for her to work with polygamists.  However, it’s tricky having five borrowers trying to buy four homes at one time.  Kody, his hair, and his spouses vow (0nce again!  haha!) to get all the necessary paperwork together for the loan officer.


Kody cries on the Sister Wives sofa saying that if they don’t get their homes, they will be okay.  Their hearts have been broken before.  Janelle is regaling in her recent weight loss.  She and Kody have been discussing opening a family fitness center.  She’s working on a business plan to entice investors.  Janelle is thrilled that she’s finally at a place where she can enjoy her family have a positive quality of life.  It’s refreshing to see her running with an idea that stemmed from bettering herself.  She proposes her business plan to Kody and the other wives.  She has certainly crunched the numbers.  Christine feels like Kody rains on Janelle’s parade.  He’s worried about going bankrupt.  Christine is vocal about the fact that if Kody isn’t fully on board than the wives’ ideas fall by the wayside.  Janelle feels defeated and leave the meeting, while Kody touts the gym as his personal idea.  Cut your hair!

Meri and Kody decide to talk to a doctor about her fertility issues.  We are reminded that Robyn offers to be a surrogate for Meri and Kody.  Am I the only one who thinks the bond between Robyn and Meri is stronger then those of Kody and…well, anyone else in his gigantic family?  The couple meets with her OB-GYN to discuss some options.  Meri remembers how hard it was to conceive when she and Kody were first married.  She talks about how difficult it was when he brought Janelle into the family and they conceived.  Next, Meri watched Kody marry Christine, and that pair became pregnant within a month of their marriage. Poor Meri!  Meri did get pregnant after that, but still had issues having more children.  Meri and Kody share their tragic story of yet another pregnancy when their only daughter was twelve.  Meri lost that baby.  It’s hard to watch, but it’s easy to forget seeing them together that there are three other wives in this mix.

Their doctor gives them different options for fertility.  The couple is quick to tell him that the amount of intercourse they are having isn’t the reason they can’t conceive.  I could have gone my entire life without knowing that.  Both Kody and Meri talk about how it’s a private matter that they aren’t comfortable discussing, yet they keep talking and talking and talking about it.  Enough.  We know you get busy!  The pair learns about invitro-fertilization.  Neither Meri nor Kody have been tested regarding fertility issues, so they want figure out if they have any problems before deciding how to proceed.  We’re left thinking that they both will do whatever possible to have another child together.

In the second episode of the evening, the family celebrates Valentine’s Day.  Meri and Kody meet with another fertility doctor.  He talks to Meri about how at 42, her eggs are depleting.  He recommends donor eggs, but that isn’t an option for Meri.  She is concerned about her mindset…she wants another child, but she’s not sure if she’s prepared to go through all the trials of even figuring out if she can have one.

The kids’ school is having a father-daughter dance in honor of Valentine’s Day.  One of Janelle and Kody’s daughters invites her older brother Logan to the dance as well.  She didn’t want to have to share her date.  Precious.  The gallant Logan is happy to oblige his sister.  While I think that this whole situation–the Sister Wives situation, that is–has the potential to be creepy and unnatural (and that’s not even touching on how awful Kody’s hair is!), it’s so refreshing to see people who genuinely seem to love and support one another.  It’s so much nicer than watching people scream and throw things at one another in the name of reality television.

Meri goes to Robyn’s house to take pictures before the dance.  Meri is concerned that she isn’t as close to the younger children…she’s just another one of their dad’s wives.  Robyn really wants to integrate Meri into the lives of the smaller children.  Christine believes that the families need to live much closer so that the siblings are less like friends across town and more like actual brothers and sisters.  Kody and Logan have a great time at the father-daughter dance.  TLC needs to spring for a better wardrobe for Kody…and a haircut.  Do I mention how gross I think his hair is too much?  Sorry.

Kody goes shopping for flowers for his wives.  When he tells a florist this, she doesn’t do a stellar job at hiding her shocked expression.  She pulls it together enough to help Kody create four individualized bouquets.  Back at (someone’s) home, the wives joke about how Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday for polygamists.  The wives decide that they should decorate Kody’s car in a declaration of love.  Doe-eyed Robyn can’t stop talking about how much she loves this corporate created holiday.

Per the wives plan, Robyn asks Kody if she can borrow his car because she has a “flat tire.”  Kody wants to find his air compressor so that he can fix her tire.  The wives are in a tizzy that their plot will be ruined, but thankfully, Robyn gets the keys without too much flack.  All of the children partake in decorating Kody’s car.  Robyn fakes a dent in his car to get Kody to come outside, and he’s beyond moved by the gesture.  The wives throw a family Valentine’s dinner, and Kody tries hard to remember which wife gets which bouquet.  Meri teases him about his poor delivery.  “Here are your flowers…where’s my next wife?”

During the hoopla, Kody’s mane tells his family two things.  First, since, by nature, Valentine’s Day is a holiday based in monogamy, the family will always celebrate together to negate any awkwardness.  It’s awkward regardless though.  Second, he and his wives will be meeting the following day with the loan officer to see if they can have their family cul-de-sac.  The crew meets with their lender and Kody is rocking an awesome leather jacket.  The family qualifies for four loans, but they aren’t traditional loans…they are interest only.  Working in real estate, that’s never a good thing.  Not to mention, they must be able to put 40% down on each lot.  That’s double the down payment and twice the rent than they had planned on paying. Not only that, one of the lots has already been sold.  Everyone feels defeated.  They decide to keep looking.


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