Rumors have been swirling about the cast of next season’s Basketball Wives.  Have Jenn Williams, Kesha Nichols, and Royce Reed been handed their walking papers?  While Jenn and Kesha have remained mum on the gossip, both Royce and producer/Queen Bee Shaunie O’Neal have taken to twitter (where else?) to add their two cents.  Deny, deny, deny!  Shocking, I know.

After the news broke, Royce tweeted,  “This is so entertaining!!! Gotta love TMZ!”

Shaunie chose to respond in a manner that didn’t really answer any definitive questions.  It’s not surprising, knowing how well she’s mastered the ability to double talk.  She responded to a follower’s question about the firings by saying, “Let’s just say… I will not entertain anything but the truth hence me not replying 2 this RUMOR of the day.”  So…what you’re saying is?


TMZ is standing by its story, now claiming that while the cast cuts did in fact happen, Shaunie was just as surprised to learn the news.  Sources close to the producer tell the site that she was floored to learn about the learn about the firings.  The insiders say that Shed Media has continuously left Shaunie out of the loop after she expressed her disdain for all the brawling and violence portrayed on the show.  Shaunie has even told Shed that she’s not afraid to walk away from the show entirely.  Call me cynical, but I can’t help but think that these “sources” are nothing more than additional Shaunie damage control.

The same site is also reporting that Nia Crooks’ attorney has filed a response to Jennifer’s lawsuit regarding the slap heard ’round VH1.  Documents filed claim that Nia’s slap was “caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk of [Williams].”  Basically Nia’s legal stance is that Jenn is to blame for getting herself slapped.  Bwahahaha!  I hope others who are guilty of assault start using this stellar legal defense!

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