Last night’s Sister Wives was more like solo wife, as the majority of the episode focuses on Kody and Meri.

Kody is taking Meri to Mexico…she’s beyond shocked.  He’s been saying he wanted to take her back to Mexico for ages, but she never expected him to actually follow through.  Kody’s having a hard time packing, given that his closet is spread out among several houses.  Kody is hoping that trip will provide him with the opportunity to force Meri into a decision about having another baby with Robyn as the surrogate.

Both Meri and Kody admit that there is pressure when such a big trip is planned.  Kody hopes the other wives aren’t expecting the same treatment, and Meri hates that she can’t act too excited for fear of hurting the other wives’ feelings.  Robyn and Janelle think that Meri is long overdue for a big trip.  Christine agrees and says she’s thinking about where she wants to go on her next Kody vacay…cut to Kody talking about the pressure of his wives’ expectations.


How many convertibles does this family own?  How practical are two-seater vehicles when you have umpteen kids?  Heck, Kody’s hair barely fits!  The couple arrives at their private condo, and they are thrilled to find out how close they are to the ocean.  Kody’s excitement reminds me of something from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Meri wants to go play on the beach, but Kody has planned an action-packed day of sightseeing…pyramids and caves.  Back home, Christine and Janelle are taking their real estate exam.  Christine is super nervous.  How many different business ventures do these folks have?

In Mexico, we are treated to Kody’s excessive butt sweat.  Thank you, TLC.  He shocks the pair’s tour guides with his admission of multiple wives.  The couple and their guides are repelling into a cave.  Kody loves Meri’s adventurous side.  Kody climbs up a difficult ladder to get out of the cave.  He warns Meri that it is super exhausting, but she is determined to follow in her husband’s footsteps.  Once she completes the climb, she feels very empowered.  Meri is glad she didn’t opt to be pulled out of the cave by the rope.  The guides sincerely enjoyed their first experience with polygamists.

Robyn is meeting Janelle and Christine for lunch after the licensing exam.  The three call Kody and Meri in Mexico.  Janelle reveals that she passed the test.  Kody gets confused, thinking he’s talking to Christine.  Christine can’t tell him enough that she failed.  It’s a big ol’ cluster.  He can’t recognize his wives’ voices?

Kody teases Meri about their female guide who Meri thought was cute.  The other wives are groaning on the sofa…is she trying to bring in yet another wife?  Robyn is in the family because Meri thought she was adorable and introduced her to Kody.  Kody laughs that he and Meri were only joking.  He isn’t open to more wives…at the moment, anyway.  The couple goes to swim with the dolphins, and they enjoy a fun-filled afternoon.

That night, over a romantic meal, Kody wants to know where Meri stands on having another baby.  Meri is scared at the idea of going through in vitro fertilization, even thought the pair has considered it before.  While she feels to young to be an empty nester with Mariah going off to college soon, she is too old to start all over with a new baby.  She gets very upset that she can’t figure out what she wants to do, and Kody assures her that he isn’t pressuring her for more kids.  He will respect her decision, but he wanted to have a discussion about it.  Kody also reminds Meri that her inability to have more children doesn’t affect her value to him as a wife.  It’s very sweet, in a twisted way.

The wives think that Meri wants to have another child, but she’s scared since she’s had so many problems.  They support her in whatever she chooses.  Kody wonders if they are putting the topic on the back burner yet again, and she tells him it’s always something that is at the forefront of her mind.  He tries to convince her to go back to the doctor one more time to see if her eggs are even viable.  She wants time to think about it.

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