Days after it was reported that poor Jennifer Williams was about to have her Bentley repossessed, the deed is done!

Sources tell TMZ that the Basketball Wives star’s car was re-homed earlier this month with a “no-return order,” which means even once she pays the bill she’s still not getting the car back!

Jenn owes a whopping $92,000 on the 2006 white Bentley, which is allegedly already scheduled to hit the auction block. Despite the car going to a new home, Jennifer is still responsible for the remaining balance. No bueno!


Because of the outstanding balance and the missing car, Toyota Motor Credit Corporation – the legal owners – filed a lawsuit against Jenn and her ex-husband.

However, sources are reporting that the repossession isn’t Jenn’s fault. It seems ex-husband Eric “Egg Head” Williams owns the car and stopped making the payments. When Jenn found out that he was no longer paying the bill, she told Eric to come and pick up the abandoned car. Unfortunately the TMCC repo team got there first!

Despite the repossession the lawsuit against Jenn and Eric is still ongoing. Poor Jenn… she sure picked a winner in Eric. A photo of the repossession in action is on TMZ.

Moving on, below is a hilarious Baskeball Wives spoof from The Comedy Divas. The insanely funny video depicts BBW as a “scripted drama” with mad-puppetmaster Shaunie O’Neal at the helm. Check out the deliciously funny video below!

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