Paging all Big Brother fans! Big Brother 14 premieres Thursday, July 12 at 9 pm ET on CBS.  That’s right, there’s only one more week to sleep and pay attention to your families!  Big Brother airs LIVE every Thursday at 9 pm ET, hosted by Julie Chen. The “catch up” episodes air Sundays at 8 pm ET (starts July 15) and Wednesdays at 8 pm ET (starts July 18).

If that’s not enough Big Brother for you, as always, you can catch 3 hours of nightly live action on Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime 2 and subscribe to the live feeds for 24/7 uncensored access to the Big Brother house.  This is the real Big Brother, not that highly edited crap CBS shows us on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Big Brother 14 will have the most hamsters ever with 12 new houseguests and 4 returning houseguests (the four HUGE surprises we were promised).  Grumble, bitch, moan, grumble – shoot me if one of the four is the highly annoying Rachel Reilly! “Four epic players – including fan favorites and winners – are coming in with their own agenda,” says executive producer Allison Grodner. “It’s a game within a game, if you will.”  Allison describes this season’s house décor as “urban pop” and “very youthful.”


The HOH room! It has a Japanese zen garden vibe.  The bed is angled in the corner more than it used to be.

The flip side of the HOH room.  I’m totally digging the purple!

Sneakers bedroom.

Music bedroom.  The beds are shaped like headphones, looking anything but comfortable.

Bathroom.  I’m a bit confused by this one.  It’s super cool… for a five year old.

Kitchen, while it’s still clean.  More bright colors.

Lounge.  Notice the robots on the tables.

Jacuzzi, where the love connections happen.  Backyard lounge area, where the nervous-energy smoking happens.


The hamsters will move into the house this weekend and start the game.  On Thursday’s premiere, we’ll see the houseguests get to know each other, start to sniff out alliances, and play the first HOH competition.  Tune into Julie Chen’s daytime talk show The Talk on Thursday, July 12 to get a sneak peek of the house.

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