Good lord – will these men never learn? In a new report former Kris Humphries hook-up – who is currently being investigated by the FBI for extortion – Myla Sinanaj is desperate for her fifteen minutes allegedly pregnant with the NBA player’s child!

According to TMZ, Myla (whose job is what again?) is three months pregnant and sources insist Kris is the father. Unfortunately for Kris, he is embroiled in a nasty divorce with hoegul, Kim Kardashian – and Kris is seeking an annulment on the grounds that Kim broke his heart. I guess she didn’t break his man parts!

Kris has claimed he won’t date til his divorce is final, but perhaps he’s willing to do the dirty and Myla was just the girl to help him out with that.


Despite the fact that Kris has contacted the FBI saying Myla is extorting and stalking him (and he says they never had any sort of a relationship); sources claim the alleged exes have been communicating regularly for the past three weeks. HOWEVER Myla still hasn’t told Kris that she’s knocked up!

I guess telling TMZ is more important…

Myla, of course, plans to keep the baby but she doesn’t want Kris to be involved as a father because “she believes Kris has betrayed her by talking crap about their relationship.” Somebody’s looking for an 18-year check, ya’ll! 

Call Maury! Really, when is Maury going to do a celebrity edition?

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