Another day, another piece of a baby mama drama for Kris Humphries.  It seems that less than a week after reportedly declaring she didn’t want anything to do with her supposed sperm donor, Myla Sinanaj now wants Kris back!

Myla had a quick change of heart and is even dropping the defamation lawsuit she JUST had drafted against Humphries, and is reportedly now agreeing to sign the confidentiality agreement (without any monetary incentive) that she originally refused.


Myla is supposedly telling friends that there’s a good chance the two are getting back together. Nothing screams “you are my soulmate” more than lawsuits and extortion claims, right?

Kris’ family is reportedly upset over the whole fiasco – especially since they had to read it online like everyone else in the world.  They are praying that the baby story is bogus, but sources say that if there is a baby and it is their son’s, they will embrace it and love it unconditionally.  Kris will naturally demand a paternity test when the baby is born (duh!) and go from there, according to reports.  Also disturbing to hear – sources claim that Myla and Kris had unprotected sex often.  This is just plain stupidity if true.

While Kris H’s family is disappointed over this debacle, Kim Kardashian is reportedly finding the whole thing hilarious: ” sources close to Kim Kardashian tell TMZ she’s laughing over the whole thing. We’re told she finds it funny that Kris wants an annulment because he’s a good Christian boy, yet he knocked up some other girl while he’s still married.”

Interestingly, Kris and his spokesperson parted ways this week….

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